DIY Painted Father’s Day Tie

DIY Painted Father’s Day Tie

I bought this tie kit three or four years ago and every time I take it out, it feels too daunting. But for some reason it has been beckoning be lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve been rearranging my art supplies and I just keep moving it from one place to another. I guess I just feel guilty, and wasteful. Time to make the tie!

make this tie with pigment dyes, resist and free downloadable stencils

Once I made the template and mixed the dyes, it really wasn’t as hard as I thought. I’d still put it in the medium-challenge category. It’s not simple, but not too intimidating either.


plain white silk tie, pigment dyes (4oz), resist (4oz), templates one and two for the letters

How to:

1. Mix your colors. I watered down all of the colors because I wanted a bit more of a pastel look. But you can use them straight.

2. Print out your templates and cut out the letters. I rolled up little pieces of tape and taped the letters down.

3. Now it’s time to use the resist. Just outline the letters. My hand was not super steady, but I think that adds to the character.

4. Paint between the lines!

5. Let it dry completely, then iron it to set the dye (no steam). Put a cloth or paper towel in between the tie and the iron.

make this tie with pigment dyes, resist and free downloadable stencils

working on a tie for his dad

One great thing about this project was that after I put down the resist, my kids did all of the rest. They LOVED using the dyes and watching it spread on the silk fabric. We are sooo excited to give it to their Dad because it truly is a collaborative gift and will hopefully make him feel very loved. He really is the best dad ever.

xo, Bar


Etsy Finds for a Shared Space

Etsy Finds for a Shared Space

I’ve been on Etsy a lot lately because I’m trying to solve a space problem in my house. We have a room that is a shared space…half living room, half art area. I don’t want it to look too kid-ish since it’s my living room, but I still want it to be fun and playful. Here are ten of my favorite things that I found.

bohemiam kilim rug on Etsy

one: For the floor, this bohemian kilim rug by Water and Jewel is so super cool.

artwork on Etsy

two: For the walls, this banner by Jimmy Marble is just the kind or artwork required to set the mood.

pencil holder on Etsy

three: This pencil holder by Less and More is a must-have for the craft table.

wind chime garland on Etsy

four: This tiny wind chime garland by Irona Works is so pretty.

ice cream cone cookie cutter on Etsy

five: I am so digging this cutest-ever cookie cutter by Libimova, and she has others! Essential for playdough time.

natural soy candles on Etsy

six: I can’t wait to try these natural soy candles by The Neon Cactus.

marquee light on Etsy

seven: These hand-made marquee light letters by Saddle Shoe Signs are the BOMB! So vintage and unique.

industrial wall light on Etsy

eight: This industrial wall light by Southern Lights is just the thing to give the room a little edge.

banner on Etsy

nine: Every room needs a cheer banner…this orange one from Betawife is perfect.

canvas basket on Etsy

ten: This geometric canvas basket by Love Joy Create is mandatory to throw stuff in last minute when company arrives!

And in my research, I also came across the perfect table and stools from Ikea.

I love the idea of having a shared space because…well honestly, the kids just want to be where you are anyway. And now they can make art and create while the grownups relax with their wine! At least that’s what’s happening in my dreams.

xo, Bar

{I found many of these shops on Poppytalk’s curated Etsy Collection}


Tissue Paper Flower Garland

Tissue Paper Flower Garland

I’m so excited to finally share this DIY with you! I’ve been holding on to it for what seems like ages because it has just been published in MoPa…the coolest blog and online magazine that I just adore! Click on over to their free Spring/Summer 2014 issue for the full instructions (and check out there back issues…beautiful layouts and lovely ideas).

MoPa Magazine s/s 2014

MoPa Magazine s/s 2014

MoPa Magazine s/s 2014

This garland is the perfect thing for a spring or summer garden party. Or make the flowers and use them in your hair, or to wrap a present, or simple to put in a bowl. They are easy to make and just so darn pretty.


xo, Bar