Cardboard Box Animals

Cardboard Box Animals

recycled art ~ animals made from cardboard boxes {free animal templates} | art bar

recycled art ~ animals made from cardboard boxes {free animal templates} | art bar

templates included ~ make these animals from any paper or cardboard and paint or collage

We have quite a few boxes leftover from our move in December. Like, a hundred or a thousand. A sea of brown boxes. If any of you have moved recently, you know what a downer it can be to have these boxes still sitting in the corners of all your rooms. The recycler in me had to make something out of them. These animals only took two boxes, unfortunately. But I have only just begun! Check out the tutorial on how to make these today over at Small for Big.

Have a happy Monday!

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Owl Collage // Recycled

Owl Collage // Recycled

Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun making stuff…me or the kids? I love collage! Come to think of it, as a graphic designer and quilter, I am constantly collaging. And existentially speaking, isn’t life just one giant collage of accumulated experiences? Some pieces are way in the back, hard to make out, while others are the focal point – bright and clear. It’s all about layering.

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This project has many steps, but don’t be turned off. Once you have accumulated all of your collage bits, and have cut out the owls, you’re home free.


Cardboard (I used cereal boxes)

Gold tempera paint

Pencil and Scissors (for tracing and trimming owls)

Owl template

Collage bits (old paintings, old holiday cards, colored paper)

Pom-poms (optional)

Circle stickers (eyes)

Elmer’s glue


First, we painted the cardboard (painting on the brown inside of the cereal boxes). When dry, I traced the owls and cut them out. Next I used my paper cutter to cut the old paintings and cards into squares and strips. I cut triangles for noses, and we used round labels for the eyes. I had the kids glue on their collage bits first, then put the eyes and nose on top at the end.

The kids didn’t want to stop making these. In fact, we have left this project out for more than a week and they are still making collages!

I hope you jump in and try collaging. I swear it’s not only fun, but strangely cathartic (in an existential way ♡).

{Best for ages 5 and up. Using the paper cutter is for adults only.}

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Carnevale Masks

Carnevale Masks

I came across these masks by Spanish artist Neusa Lopez. She calls this series Carnevale. They are so colorful and creative and BIG! A little cardboard, a little paint, some glue….amazing what a few art supplies can create.

I love them and I hope some day we can make them here at home. Thanks for inspiring us, Neusa!