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  • Cardboard letters wrapped with yarn made by kids.

    Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

    I’ve been wanting to share these cardboard letters for so long! My art camp kids made them back in July. The other day, as I was going through these photos, I realized that four of the letters spelled C.A.L.M. Boy, did I need this message. If there is anything that I am not these days, …

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  • Sock Caterpillars

    Hello! It’s been a while. I am busy writing a book (more to come on that later) and it’s taking all. my. time. I’m sorry for the inspiration gap. But today’s post is worth the wait! Last November, I interviewed Samara Caughey, owner of the famous children’s art studio Purple Twig, and one very creative …

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  • recycled art ~ animals made from cardboard boxes ~ free animal templates

    Cardboard Box Animals

    We have quite a few boxes leftover from our move in December. Like, a hundred or a thousand. A sea of brown boxes. If any of you have moved recently, you know what a downer it can be to have these boxes still sitting in the corners of all your rooms. The recycler in me …

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  • Owl Collage // Recycled

    Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun making stuff…me or the kids? I love collage! Come to think of it, as a graphic designer and quilter, I am constantly collaging. And existentially speaking, isn’t life just one giant collage of accumulated experiences? Some pieces are way in the back, hard to make out, while …

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  • Carnevale masks made by kids

    Carnevale Masks

    I came across these masks by Spanish artist Neusa Lopez. She calls this series Carnevale. They are so colorful and creative and BIG! A little cardboard, a little paint, some glue….amazing what a few art supplies can create. I love them and I hope some day we can make them here at home. Thanks for …

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  • Paper flowers from magazines

    Magazine Flowers

    These flowers are actually made from J. Crew catalogs, but you can make them from magazines and newspapers as well. I love this craft for three reasons: 1) I can use all of those pretty catalogs that pile up in my recycle bin, 2) I learn about new color names like tidepool and Hampton purple, …

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  • Exploring Tube Watercolors with Kids

    This week was April break numero dos in our house. My kids go to schools in different towns so this week my little guy had his mom all to himself. We decided to explore some new watercolor paints. Here’s my recipe for watercolor painting with little ones using tube paints. There is nothing fancy, and …

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  • Bianca Helger paper friends

    Paper Friends

    Illustrator Bianca Helga’s Paper Friends. I just love this idea, using recycled materials to create characters that are instantly friends! This would be a great craft to do at home with scraps, paint, crayons,glue. Anything! And what a nice way to introduce kids to the term “mixed media”. I think we’ll give this a try! xo, …

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