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  • Children collaborate to make a painting from marshmallows

    Marshmallow Painting

    These photos are from two summers ago, if you can believe it. I was going to put this project in my book, but it ended up being one of the 22 art experiences on the cutting room floor. I am SO excited to finally share it with you now! This one was really fun, for obvious reasons. There was an …

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  • Painting Pumpkins with Kids

    I have been waiting a year to post this!! The kids actually painted these pumpkins last year in art class, but I was too busy writing my book to edit the photos. And then all of a sudden it was Christmas. But now…here they are! Aren’t they so gorgeous? I used this one trick which I will …

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  • kids use their whole body when printing with bubble wrap and rollers

    Bubble Wrap Roller Printing

    In my art class there are many days where I plan a collaborative art experience. I actually love these projects more than anything else. Since I teach mostly four and five-yr olds, collaboration is a natural way to promote creativity and exploration because at that age every experience is so rooted in socialization. They love to …

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  • 4yr olds work together to make a big painting ~ collaborative art projects foster cooperation

    Collaborative Painting with Kids

    This project is one that I do over and over again with the 4yr olds in art class. I think all of the paintings they make could hang in a museum, but especially these large collaborative ones! It’s such a simple yet deeply fulfilling process-art experience for them. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your …

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  • 10 art experiences for children using liquid watercolors!

    10 Liquid Watercolor Art Experiences

    Liquid watercolors have become one of my favorite art materials. They are not as convenient as regular palette watercolors, which we use more often just because they don’t require as much set-up or clean-up, but they are just so beautiful to paint with. The colors are very rich and vibrant, and you can cover large areas …

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  • kids love painting on new materials ~ here kids use tempera paints to create little works of art

    Mini Canvas Paintings with Kids

    I’m so in love with these mini paintings my four-year olds made. Aren’t they beautiful? I found a roll of canvas in my attic. The same roll that I had been lugging around since college!! Yes, it’s true. For more than 20 years that roll has been moving from apartment to apartment and house to …

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  • Artist Study with Kids: Sonia Delaunay

    Sonia Delaunay painted and designed fabric in Paris during much of the 1900’s. She is one of my favorite artists of all, and today I am sharing my Sonia art class project over on The Artful Parent. Click over and come visit me there!! The Artful Parent is a beautiful blog full of art and creativity, and a wonderful resource …

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  • Cardboard Paintings: Exploring Primary Colors

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Last week I made some cardboard canvases for my 3-yr old class. They were totally digging the format and each of them painted two or three or more paintings. I cut some pieces big, and some small. I primed some with a light gray paint, …

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  • Simple invitation to paint for young children

    Invitation to Paint

    Ever since my kids were very little, I have always put materials out in hopes that they would walk by, sit down, and get inspired. I just never knew until recently that there is a name for this philosophy! It’s called an “Invitation to Play”. I love this! It’s a term that is rooted in …

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  • Giant Christmas Tree Paintings

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! While we had the paints out from our teacher gift tags, the kids spied the big paper and wanted to make big paintings! From small format to big, there’s nothing children love better than changing things up. For these paintings you will need large format watercolor paper …

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