DIY Curtains // World’s Easiest

 perfect for a rental or temporary house

Rewind to the day before the first day of school, four months ago.

My daughter wrote me to-do list two weeks before school started. She wrote ME a to-do list. Oh, the irony. I was instructed that everything needed to be done before the first day of school. Every night, around 10pm (grrr), I would hear her coming down the stairs. Thank God for this creaky house. I would quickly check the list to make sure I actually did something before she saw me. I believe this girl is going to be a successful boss some day.

Picture this: It’s the last day of summer vacation, and I’ve done pretty well with the list. We go over it together. Hang white board – check. Order jeans – check. Pedicure – check. Make curtains… uh-oh.

She’s about to throw a fit, but then I beat her to it. I don’t want to make curtains! We rent this house and I don’t want to spend the time measuring and sewing. Leave me alone!! But then I remember that I am the mom, and I need to set an example of someone who stays calm and doesn’t break promises.

I should mention, before I tell you how I made these brilliant curtains, that I actually do know how to sew. I used to make all of my kids’ costumes, and I have a quilt business, and I sold my handmade children’s clothes to Barneys in NYC. I’m bragging now… you get the point.

But this project called out to be makeshift from the start. I couldn’t, just could not lug out my sewing machine and ironing board. It was THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER for heaven’s sake.

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Supplies needed:

~ A few yards of fabric, or an old sheet or tablecloth. No need to buy anything!

~ Really good fabric scissors. Mine are Gingher and I’ve had them since college.

~ Small hair elastics

Here’s how:

~ Have your impatient and demanding daughter hold up a piece of fabric over the window. Make a few little snips where you will cut (I went out to the edge of the window frame).

~ Cut the fabric. Save a strip for the curtain tie.

~ Twist a hair tie around the top two corners.

~ Hook them around existing hooks from previous renters, or hammer in a small nail.

Violà! Curtains in less than 20 minutes.

Update: It’s been four months since I made these and my daughter has not complained, not once! She “draws” her curtains morning and night and thinks the red stripes look French. Hooray for small miracles!

xo, Bar