Make Art Mail

 send small works of art to someone you love!

We had a very exciting art class this week becasue the kids made mail! The 3-yr olds spent 40 minutes using watercolors to paint cards and envelopes. They were so excited to put them in the mailbox that I had to blow-dry their paintings so that they could mail them out ASAP.

art table set up for four little artists

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This is the table set-up: a basket of cards and envelopes, watercolors and brushes, water and a damp sponge for cleaning, watercolor pencils, and some paint dot markers.

art table set up for making watercolor mail

I made the post office box from an old box and forgot to take how-to photos. But here is a good tutorial, and you can just use a cereal box.

send small works of art to someone you love!

The best part about this project was that I actually sent their art mail to their homes! Their moms said that it was soooo exciting for them to get the mail that they made, they were jumping for joy. What a proud feeling.

This is a great weekend art project to do with your little ones. It can be set up as a station so that it can be kept out for a long period of time. I love projects that the littles can set up and clean up all by themselves!

xo, Bar