Build It! Wooden Towers with Kids

wooden towers made by kids

Woodworking is such an incredibly satisfying art experience for kids. They don’t often get to work with wood, so when my 4-yr olds came in to art class and saw wood pieces and glue scattered around the table, their faces just lit up.

This is actually quite a simple activity with just a few supplies. You could make this at home or in the classroom very easily. We just used some round bead-like pieces… but it would be so much cooler if you went to a local woodshop and brought home a box of wood scraps. The possibilities for building would be endless!

wooden towers made by kids

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Here’s what you’ll need:

~ Wood pieces

~ Glue

~ Tempera paint

~ Pom-poms (optional)


Step 1: The kids stack their tower, putting glue in between. I put glue in bowls this time and they used a brush (my little glue bottles were all clogged and I didn’t have time to unclog). But kids love squeezing and it’s a great small motor skill activity, too.

Step 2: Wait patiently until the glue has dried and hardened completely. We waited to paint until the next day.

wooden towers made by kids

wooden towers built and painted by kids

wooden towers built and painted by kids

Step 3: Set out your paints in small cups, jars or bowls and let them paint their towers. A really cool additional step would be to let the kids choose and mix their own colors. Meri Cherry has a wonderful post about mixing colors with kids. It fosters independence and makes them feel so proud.

wooden towers built and painted by kids

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I do you hope you try, it’s actually fun for kids of all ages!

xo, Bar