Gallery Wall // Children’s Art

24 ideas for creating a gallery wall for kids art

I have collected lots of my children’s art over the years. I have some in boxes, some framed, some taped up, and some hanging from string. But mostly, I have piles. We use some of the art in the piles for projects and birthday cards. The other stuff I plan on hanging up. However, I am stuck! Do I switch out the stuff in frames, create a new wall, hang it in my living room or maybe in the bathroom? Or their bedrooms? I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas so I thought I would share them with you. If you are type A, look away. I have mostly chosen gallery walls that cluster and mix children’s paintings with other art. I love this look, but it can border on messy (“artistic”) if you’re not careful. Limiting clustered art to one wall is the trick!

Here are four different ways to display your child’s art. {I will try to source the photos, but some of them just float around on Pinterest, sourceless.}

Gallery wall // Hang on a line

Hang on a line with clips or clothespins. Easy and cost effective: {from top left, clockwise} Ikea clips // Amsterdam home // sweet dreams // strip of wood // art room {our home} // work space // inspiration wall

Gallery wall // Art on a ledge

Prop art up on a ledge, mix in photographs and other found objects. A more organized look: {from top left, clockwise} small art // mudroom {our home} // art studio // kitchen // Swedish bedroom

Gallery wall // kids art

Hanging art in a cluster is an art in and of itself! {Click here to see how it’s done}. But it can look so cool that it’s worth the effort: {from top left, clockwise} living room // bedroom {our home} // hallway // den // bathroom // common area

Gallery wall // taped art

Last, but not least, the easiest way to hang your child’s art is to let them hang it themselves! Whether pinning to cork, using magnets or just plain old tape {love the washi tape frames}, it’s a really fun and free way to display talent: {from top left, clockwise} cork wall // art area // dining room // her own creative space // office

These selections are just a few of many (so many!). To dig deeper, click on some of the links and they will lead you to more photos. Or come see my Pinterest boards where I have pinned oodles of artistic and eclectic ideas!

Good luck! Let me know what you decide (and I’ll do the same).