31 DIY Halloween Costumes

31 best handmade halloween costumes

As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday OF-ALL-TIME!!! As a mom, I really find it hard to embrace. It’s so much work, the decorations are not that cute, and all I can think of the whole night is cavities. Of course, my kids are gaga over this one night (as they should be) so I try no to be so ho-hum.

Making costumes is one part I can really get into. I mean, look at these…they are awesome! One-Man-Band boy? That is just brilliant. And the Abercrombie model? Ok, I know we all wish we’d thought of that!

So here we go – 31 make-it-yourself costume ideas. I have links where I could find them, but most of these you could probably pull together without help because you are cleverer than you think!

Audrey Hepburn // Gnome // Octopus // Mummy // Charlie Brown // Jane Fonda’s Workout // Clark Kent // Cabbage Patch Doll // Rocket Boy // 80’s Aerobics Girl // Nacho Libre // Raining Cats + Dogs // Albert Einstein // Spaghetti + Meatballs // One Man Band // Dwight Schrute (from The Office) // Cotton Candy // Rin Tin Tin // Scientist // Scuba Diver // Russell + Carl (from the movie Up) // Bird Wings // Super Hero Girl // Tarantula // Tea Bag // Steve Jobs // Ratatouille // Waldo // Wilson (from Castaway) // Nerd Baby // Abercrombie Model

I did not make any of these costumes. I will share mine some other time.

Good luck + have fun!!