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  • Washi Tape Leaves

    Recently, we went on vacation to a beautiful Caribbean island for a family reunion. We ate, slept, hiked, visited beaches, laughed with family, took a million photos, made some t-shirts, and just had the time of our lives. I brought with me a bag of washi tape (as most people do) because I thought it would …

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  • Paper Mâché with Kids // Ice Cream Sundaes

    There is always a very strong reaction from the kids when we do paper mâché. Some kids love it — i mean really love it — and others do not want to get that oozy stuff on their hands. But all of them say “ewww!!” the whole time they are working! It’s quite funny actually, how …

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  • Watercolor Paper Pinwheels

    I’m pretty much in love with this new technique. I was just playing around with making these cool pinwheels and I wanted to make it a little bit more enticing for my tween and teen. So I made them out of watercolor paper, and then I let them paint. We added a few beads and, voila. …

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  • Styrofoam Printing with Kids

    Printmaking is a fine art that involves making a “master plate” which you then can use to make multiple images. There are so many ways to print, it’s almost endless! Potato and veggie printing, linoleum printing, mono prints, raised foam printing, bubble wrap printing, yarn printing… basically any object you can find can be used …

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  • bracelets made by kids with duct tape and washi tape

    Washi Tape Bracelets

    We were away last week in the beautiful island of St. Barth’s. It was fourteen of us, living together in a villa for a family reunion like no other. My dad lives down in St. Barth’s with his wife, Ann, for part of the year. They invited me, my brother and my sister (and even my …

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  • DIY Pom Pom Garland

    I fell in love with this garland from Antrhopologie in December. I had some leftover pom-poms from the Christmas tree, so I decided to add a few more and make my own garland! It’s actually super easy, just takes a little time. I made pom-poms at night by the fire while watching hockey games with my …

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  • DIY Painting // XOXO

    I’m so behind on work. I seriously have piles everywhere (which is the truth if you knew me and the normal state of my house). But today I woke up to find that the “invitation to paint” I had put out for my teenage daughter yesterday during our snow day was left untouched. It was …

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  • painted heart paper chain using watercolors watercolors

    Hearts Paper Chain

    The kids made these heart paper chains and they totally became immersed in the process. First we painted the strips of paper which they liked but didn’t love, I mean they weren’t really sure why they were painting 40 strips of paper. But then when I showed them how to staple them together, they were …

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  • Gift Tags with Paper Punches

    Coolest technique ever to make gift tags!! I can’t stop making these, I literally have a hundred gift tags so far. It’s just so easy and they are so pretty and it’s SO FUN to use the punches!! Sorry for getting spazzy with all of the exclamations. If you try this, you’ll see why. This …

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  • Handmade Holiday // Paper Snowflake Garland

    Recently, I’ve become a little obsessed with learning how to make Pinterest-worthy 3D snowflakes. They are just so beautiful! When I walked into Michael’s the other day and saw these cute little shipping tubes, my mind began to spin. I would make a snowflake garland and fit it inside the tube!  It would be such …

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