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  • A Backyard Birthday

    To some, the thought of a backyard birthday party is terrifying. I will agree that it is so much easier taking your child’s party to Pump it Up or Chuck-e-Cheese! If my kids would ask for one of those parties, I would be more than happy to oblige. However, except for the movie theatre party …

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  • Mini Rainbow Garland

    This simple garland is easy to make and can be used anywhere…anytime. I recently used mine as part of a photo backdrop at my son’s birthday party. I used safety pins to fasten it to the side of a white sheet, and despite gale force winds that day, the garland never ripped or blew away! …

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  • Art Class Poster

    My post on the importance of art programs in school struck a chord with many of you, especially my readers who teach art. Today I am announcing that my poster is finally for sale! This version is new (and improved) with just a few small changes. Click below to buy the poster in three different …

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  • Make necklaces from hardware store steel washers

    Washer Necklaces

    Today on Art Bar Monday over at Small for Big, how to make these beautiful and simple necklaces from ordinary washers you can find at the hardware store. You won’t believe how professional they look! It’s a great summer project to do with your older kids. Happy Monday! xo Bar  

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  • Make this simple donut cake for the birthday child

    Donut Cake Awesomeness!

    How brilliant is this cake? It pains me to say that it was not my idea. I was reading this fabulous blog, A Cup of Jo, and she made a donut cake for her son’s birthday. So I copied her idea. The donut cake is genius for several reasons: 1) no plates or forks needed, 2) …

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  • Free printable gift tags for teacher

    Teacher Gift Tags No. 2

    Here in Connecticut, we still have two weeks left of school. I am actually happy about this since it has given me more time get my teacher gifts together. I love giving gifts, but it’s hard sometimes with the 800 things that happen in June. Birthdays, Father’s day, end-of-school stuff. End-of-school stuff actually equals about …

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  • Make custom note pads for teacher

    Notepads for Teacher

    Yesterday, my printer dropped off our notepads that the kids made for their teachers, and they are perfect. I wanted to share this idea with you because I think this is a really easy and inexpensive way for your child to give their teacher something personal, meaningful, and useful! All you need is a black …

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  • Create homemade "You are Loved" art wth a pencil eraser

    Stencil Art // You Are Loved

    Today is an exciting day for me. I am officially a contributor on Small for Big, a very cool blog founded by Mari Richards (who also happens to be an accomplished toy designer). I am so happy to be able to share art projects with her readers! I will be a guest on Small for …

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