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  • Echoage - throwing a birthday party that celebrates giving

    A Birthday Party that Celebrates Giving

    Oh, the birthday parties! You plan and work hard to make the day unforgettable, and usually things go really well. Then everyone goes home and you are left with a pile of presents to open. This is the part that causes me angst. We have so much already! My house is filled to the brim …

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  • Dip-Dyed Furniture

    Lately, I’m really into this trend of “dip-dyeing” furniture. That is, painting part of it (usually the bottom) a bright color. Today I am sharing my collection of cool photos I have found. Some of these pieces are for sale, and some are just inspiration to create your own! green chairs / painted stool / pallet chair / pastel chairs table …

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  • Old Jeans // New Bag

    I had a favorite bag when I was little that looked like an old pair of Levis. It was a tote with red straps and a pocket on the front. It even had an authentic little red Levi tag. Oh, how I loved this bag! In fact, I still have it. My daughters use it …

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  • Art Kit Party Favor

    There are many ways to go when planning a party favor. I love the one-gift idea very much, like a puzzle or a ball or some princess wings. Last year we made flubber for everyone which was awesome. We’ve also done our fair share of paper bags filled with junk. These happen to be a …

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  • Paleo dream bars

    Paleo Dream Bars

    I have a pretty major sweet tooth. My only hope is to throw away all sweets, which I do periodically. But that leaves me with an empty, hopeless feeling. Life is blah without sweets. Lately, I’ve been trying to stock up on some homemade “healthy” sweets so I don’t feel so guilty and I don’t …

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  • Montessori Letter Tracing

    At any given moment, my son is obsessed with at least thirty different things. Two-thirds of them relate to sports or food. Then you have the chinese erasers, Oliver Jeffers, cool pens, etc. category. Within this last group falls his obsession with script, and his love of similes. Yes, similes. He’s talked in similes for …

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  • Funny Mother's Day quotes - free printable!

    Happy Mother’s Day

    I’ve been collecting mom quotes lately. Sometimes I read something and it’s perfect…exactly what I would want to write or say if I were actually eloquent or poetic. And other times, I read something that makes me laugh out loud. Today, in honor of mothers everywhere, I am sharing them with you. I hope something …

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  • DIY pom-pom chandelier

    Pom Pom Chandelier

    I have finally finished my pom-pom chandelier! I was inspired to make this when researching about traditional Polish chandeliers called Pujaki. Peasants used to make these during the winter months in preparation for their biggest holiday…Christmas! Although traditionally made from paper and straw, mine is made from pom-poms because I obsessively make them day and night. If …

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  • Poppytalk Handmade

    Poppytalk is a Canadian (Vancouver-based) design blog that I just love. Founders Jan and Earl (husband and wife) are dedicated to promoting emerging design talent. So much so that they opened up an online market place called Poppytalk Handmade in 2007. They have monthly themes which provide an opportunity for artists, designers + cottage industries to …

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