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  • Best Easter Bunny Story

    We love this book, it is one of our favorites of all time in this house. Have you heard of this great tale? It’s called The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes and it is a gem in every way. It is about a busy mother of 21 babies who has always dreamed, since she …

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  • Silk Dyed Eggs

    I saw these on someone’s blog recently, or maybe it was Pinterest? The internet is a fascinating place but it sometimes turns my mind into a warped speed slide show. (Hence my one word resolution which is staring me in the face right now.) Ok, so this idea has been around for a while but is …

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  • Egg Garland

    Is it really almost Easter? I have to admit that I just took down all of the hearts around the house from Valentine’s today to make room for these cute egg garlands. (Truth be told, my Christmas cards are still in a basket in my living room. Seriously, who has time to keep up?) Holidays …

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  • Mac a laptop from cardboard, used in imaginary play

    Cardboard Creations // MacBook

    My middle daughter is in love with technology. She is ten now, but this love of all things electronic started long ago. I dug up this photo of her from when she was about four years old. I remember this day – her dad and I decided that she needed a day out with just …

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  • Gallery Wall // Children’s Art

    I have collected lots of my children’s art over the years. I have some in boxes, some framed, some taped up, and some hanging from string. But mostly, I have piles. We use some of the art in the piles for projects and birthday cards. The other stuff I plan on hanging up. However, I …

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  • Painting from Nature // Observation

    I’m so glad we packed our travel art bag on our trip to the D.R. because the vegetation was incredible! I collected leaves and flowers obsessively. I was the strange American lady who kept jumping into the bushes to pick up fallen leaves and snap off flowers. (Even my kids started taking a different route back …

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