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  • Art Bar quick and easy printed business cards

    Art Bar / Calling Cards

    I recently went to a blog party and realized a few days before the event that I had nothing to hand out to anyone. I have business cards for my other companies, but nothing for my new blog! I stayed up late one night (as usual) and came up with something acceptable. Not perfect, but good …

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  • Best back-to-school books

    Favorite Back-to-school Books

    Tomorrow, my son will be starting first grade in a new school. He says he’s nervous. I told him, so am I. He was surprised I said this and asked me why? I said that I always feel butterflies on the first day back to school. But that it was more of a nervous excitement. …

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  • decorate clothespins with washi tape

    Washi Tape Clothespins

    Over here at out house, we are always hanging art on a line. I keep a jar of clothespins at arm’s reach. This week we were preparing for a neighborhood art show, so I decided to make the clothespins a little fancier. This is very simple! Buy clothespins like these that art flat at the …

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  • Blogger Bash in NYC, 2012

    NYC Blogger Social

    I attended my first blogger’s social last weekend! It was hosted by the lovely Rebecca of A Daily Something, and designer/stylist Michelle Edgemont, at the breezy M. Wild Studio. There was food, drinks, door prizes, goody bags…and lots of creative, talented people to meet. I talked with the guest of honor, lifestyle blogger Victoria Hudgins …

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  • Custom designed baby shower invitation in YELLOW with washi tape garland

    Handmade Baby Shower Invitation

    This week I’d been given the distinct honor of creating a baby shower invitation for my SIL, the esteemed Marysue Rucci of Simon & Schuster. Lucky me! After hours of late night thinking and scouring, I finally decided on a theme: Shabby Chic. I have had an obsession lately with rubber stamping, flag bunting, and …

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  • Triple Berry Muffins / Dairy Free

    The idea behind this post was to get back to baking with my kids (after 2 months away, in someone else’s kitchen). I read a wonderful passage, in a book written by Katrina Kenison which inspired me to dig out my recipes and play! Katrina writes… The media tells us that cooking is drudgery. What better …

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  • God's Eye // sticks and yarn

    Ojo de Dios / God’s Eye

    This summer has been flying by! We haven’t made much of a dent in our summer crafts list, I’m afraid. There is still time, though. One craft we did make, though, are these God’s Eyes. With their Mexican roots, these Ojo de Dios’ are so colorful and beautiful! This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your …

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