Kid Made: Thankful Table

Kid Made: Thankful Table

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday because it is all about food, family, and relaxation. The absence of gift-giving takes takes away all pressures, and the long weekend that follows is always lazy and perfect. Sleeping in, family hikes, football games, leftovers, making crafts (of course)…it’s all good for the soul.

Last year we had a mini Thanksgiving before the big day. I’m sure some of you know the drill – having both sides of your family close-by means sharing the “big day”. Our mini Thanksgiving was with my mom, Oma. We decided to roll out some craft paper and draw the place settings (idea from Trula Kids). We dotted the paper with white circle stickers which became spots to write thankful words. My favorite one was “me”, written by my six-year old son. Turns out he was thankful for himself! It’s good to love yourself, I always say. (Hopefully he won’t become a politician. He was also thankful for art, football, food, mom and voices. Phew.)

I left the crayons and markers out all weekend so that by Sunday night, it became a true work of art. I didn’t want to take it off. I wanted to freeze time and remain in the glow of Thanksgiving.

Try this for your next big family gathering (it doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving)!  It’s such a nice way to connect with and honor the people they love, and to show gratitude for the little things in life that we so often overlook. We really do have so much to be thankful for!

xo, Bar


Holiday Postcards from Late Night Cake

Holiday Postcards from Late Night Cake

Holiday Postcards are up on the website! I do love these new cards. I’ve thrown tradition out the window this year and just designed from my heart. I think the postcards are pretty & happy and they make me smile.

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I am also launching a new line of square postcards, perfect for Instagram photos.

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