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  • Make these artistic and painterly hearts using cereal boxes and acrylics.

    Cardboard Hearts from Cereal Boxes

    You know I love using materials that are free. One of my faves is cereal boxes. They have that cardboard box look, but easier to cut! I save practically every cereal box we ever eat, and we eat a ton of cereal. I’m always trying to find ways to make the humble cereal box feel …

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  • Valentines Made by Hand {24 ideas}

    Moving to America when I was five was memorable for many reasons. Learning a new language for one, although I don’t remember that. What I remember most about my first year here was making Valentines for everyone in my class. It was like Christmas! Sharing what I had made for my friends, and receiving what …

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  • Tell Them “I Like You”

    I made this poster for my kiddos for Valentine’s day today. It is Version 2. Funny story, actually, about how those three influence me creatively, and push me to be a better parent. You can read it below, or just enjoy the art! So the other night, as I lay next to him on his …

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  • Valentines // Newspaper Heart Postcards

    I love painting over newspaper, it’s such a cool look (and also an excellent way to catch up on local news. I didn’t know my friend became a real estate broker, for example). We used our newspaper hearts two ways. One way was to make these postcards, the other way was to make these goody bags! …

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  • Snowflakes, Hearts + Hands

    Last week, we dropped by my friend Dre’s art studio, JAM (Junior Art + Music) in Sono. I love this place! I wish I could camp out there and just make art night and day. Dre opened up her studio on Friday to anyone who wanted to come in and make hands, hearts and snowflakes …

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