Valentines for the Class

newspaper craft

The theme for our Valentine’s this year is quite obviously newspaper hearts. We have so many of them from our first project that we just keep using them. (I love when that happens.) I hope you are not sick of them!

These Valentines were made by my 10 year-old daughter for her 4th grade class. I bought some tattoos for her friends which seemed just right for her age group. I loved watching her make them. At first, she didn’t want to do it because…you know, boys and all. But then she literally did a who-cares shrug and spent an hour in complete focus. She forgot about gender and gave boys pink and girls blue without thinking. She came up with a system for stamping the names whereby she laid the letters out first to check its length before putting ink on paper. I love assembly line projects like this for that reason…it teaches them to think ahead, implement a multi-step process, and problem solve along the way.

Here’s what you need for this project (but of course you could make these just as cute by doing your own thing on the bags):

Paper bags, washi tape, newspaper hearts (or any hearts made by hand), heart stickers, alphabet rubber stamp set, ink pad, and tattoos (or any other trinket).

I realize there is a line between crafts and art…but I think these are works of art!

{Order those cute heart stickers and use them all year round.}

xo Bar