My Trip to ALT Summit 2015

@artbarblog Instagram photos

I know I don’t normally write about the business of blogging, but I still wanted to share a little bit of the experience I had in Salt Lake City last week. I just got back on Saturday night from 4 days at Alt Summit, a business conference for bloggers and creatives. It was pretty awesome to be surrounded by my people!! I mean, here in CT I have not one blogging friend. Sometimes I even have to explain what a blog is. So to be amongst 600 like-minded women was completely thrilling and energizing. I barely slept but didn’t even feel that tired because I just wanted to meet more people and hear more stories.

I’ll stop gushing now, but I wanted to share a few things: First, my Instagram photos above. Second, a graphic that I created with some inspiring and smart quotes from speakers. Third, a photo of the cards that I collected. Fourth, a quirky little iPhone movie I made. And fifth, some photos of me making my business cards which I barely handed out because I’m terrible at self-promotion.

What I learned at ALT summit 2015

These quotes were shared by a few different women speakers. Lisa Congdon was the keynote speaker and she was completely enchanting. As an artist and just general creative dabbler, she had so many wise words to share and wisdom to impart. I also heard Rachel Faucett speak from Handmade Charlotte. She was beyond generous to give us all of her Pinterest secrets. Eden Hensley shared her knowledge about content marketing, and Sarah Downey Robinson blew me away with her talk on SEO and inbound marketing. I kind of feel smarter now.

business cards from ALT summit 2015

Ok, so I was super lame at collecting business cards. But I got a few and I loved meeting every single one of the people that these cards belong to. In order from top left and across:

| 1 | Merilee from Mer Mag was so sweet and easy to talk to, she has the sickest blog so check it out. | 2 | Ali Edwards has a blog and designs products to help you tell your story. Her website is pretty darn cool, and so is she. | 3 | Gina from Willow Day is from Sweden, and I consider her a good friend after these four days. She’s beautiful inside and out. | 4 | Design Good is an online community of people, brands and organizations that use creativity and design for social good. How cool is that? | 5 | Erin Souder from Earnest Home gave a great talk on launching your own product. Her store is sick! Beauty everywhere. | 6 | Emma from Emma’s Parlour is the cutest. She did my hair and makeup, follow her Instagram it’s totally rad. | 7 | I loved meeting local Salt Lake mom Erynn Montgomery. Her and her husband run a family travel blog called Tropic of Capricorn. I think she talked me into a pretty cool vacation idea for the summer. Stay tuned! | 8 | MJ of Pars Caeli (which means piece of heaven) is the coolest and has a very creative blog. And the cutest little square card! | 9 | I love airbnb‘s logo very much. | 10 | My new friend Katie from That Girl Katie had the best card, hands down. Little poloroids that were so ethereal and cool. | 11 | I really loved The Making Table‘s cards, a little bit of hand painting is right up my alley. | 12 | Alix Adams led a roundtable discussion about how to approach brands for collaboration, smart lady. She blogs at A Ruffled Life. | 13 | Another new friend Cynthia from Inchworm Academy. She was pregnant and dancing and she brought me tape and a baggie from her house! Cool chick. | 14 | Gabby from Design Mom gave me her card! I was so honored to meet her. She is the engine behind ALT. Her and her sister started it all. | 15 | I had the pleasure of meeting Anne Weil of Flax and Twine. She is a blogger and author and gave a talk on writing a book. Her talent runs deep. | 16 | And finally, my roomie Ana from Babble Dabble Do. I am so digging her new logo and her blog is just crazy good.

a short iPhone movie of ALT 2015 in Salt Lake City

And here’s my short iPhone movie of ALT. I forgot my phone more than half of the time so it’s really choppy. But if you’re wondering what ALT looks and feels like, this is a pretty good synopsis. (Click on photo above and it will bring you to VIMEO.)

Art Bar Blog business cards in the making.

Art Bar Blog business cards

Art Bar Blog business cards

Art Bar Blog business cards in the making.

Art Bar Blog business cards

Here are my cards in the making. I spent many hours scrape painting, splattering, cutting and stamping. I became a bit obsessed but it was such a blast. I only handed out about 20 (lame!!) but that’s fine because now I’ll have them for a long time.

Cheers to a happy week. We have 3 feet of snow coming our way. Yikes!

xo, Bar