My 10 Favorite Craft Supplies for Kids

from an art teacher

Last week I wrote about my Top 10 Art Supplies for Beginners. Today I want to share my fave craft supplies! Over the years, with my own kids and also with the kids I teach in art class, there are a handful of craft supplies that we use over and over and over again. These are the ones that are the easiest to set out on the table for open-ended creativity.

Here we go! (Contains affiliate links)

1. Yarn (the link here is to Amazon, but you can also just go to Michael’s or your local craft store. Don’t spend more than $4 per yarn!) ~ Use it for beading, garland, pom-pons, weaving…or they can just cut it into little bits and glue on paper. My little art school kids love doing this.

2. Pipe cleaners (we love the neon ones too) ~ Beading pipe cleaners is an activity that just never ever ever gets old!

3. Pom-poms (start with this big bag. If you decide you want more of one color, here is a good source for separate colors and sizes) ~ Kids will glue pom-poms onto everything if you let them. I love using them in some of my own crafts, too. Especially garland!

4. Pony beads (9mm) ~ These beads are the perfect size for little fingers. We use them all of the time. Seriously….nobody gets sick of these beads.

5. Glitter glue (any brand will do. We also love these swirly ones and these jumbo ones) ~ I almost put glitter on this list, because honestly it might be a child’s most favorite art supply. Probably because they don’t get to do it very often. But glitter gets everywhere, so glitter glue is the next best option. Use it with watercolor to get a sparkly effect!

6. Colored tapes (we love washi tape, but you could also buy colored masking tape with a dispenser. Or get lost on Etsy buying beautiful patterned washi tape. I like this store.) ~ I added this item to my top Top 10 Beginner Art Supplies list, too. It’s a MUST HAVE. All kids love ripping and cutting tape. It’s seriously crazy how much they love it.

7. Wooden beads ~ We paint wooden beads all of the time in art class and at home (we use watercolors). It’s great for kids to paint on different surfaces, and wood absorbs the paint so that the beads just look really cool no matter what.

8. Felt (this links to Amazon, it’s a good starter pack. But if you want individual colors, I love this store on Etsy.) ~ I love cutting felt up to use for collage pieces. Or punch a hole in it and use for beading. You could also do some early sewing techniques on felt, or use it to make clothes for peg dolls. It’s just great to have a fiber material available to mix things up!

9. Chalk markers ~ We use these quite often. The kids love the opaque neon colors. And use them all of the time, too, for my own DIY crafts. You will honestly love these!!

10. Straws (Ikea also has great straws, and I love the striped paper straws too) ~ We mostly cut these up and use as collage bits or as beads. Cutting straws is one of our go-to activities for the kids in art class. They looooove cutting straws!

projects using my Top 10 Crafts Supplies list

Above are some of the fun things we’ve made at home and in art class using my fave 10 craft supplies:

pom-pom napkin rings // wooden bead necklaces // egg garland // wooden peg peopleΒ // weaving with kids // paper lanterns // pony bead napkin rings // yarn star ornaments // bead & felt ornaments

Recently, I used the chalk markers to draw on leaves. It was so easy and they looked so beautiful.

I love having these 10 craft supplies at hand. They are in use and being replenished constantly!

It would be such an amazing gift for a child or a mom who is wanting to start an art cupboard. All of these supplies can fit in a box. You could even put some of the supplies in mason jars, like the beads & pom-poms. Putting supplies in see-through containers makes them so much more appealing and accessible.

Have fun!

xo, Bar