Paper Snowflakes // Table Runner

make a beautiful garland with liquid watercolors & q-tips

Make a snowflake table runner but taping snowflakes together.

Making paper snowflakes can be one of the most frustrating or most satisfying exercises ever. For little hands with dull scissors, it can be tough. Depending on the child, I think age five-to-seven is a good time to start practicing and letting them handle a sharper scissor. At first, make the snowflakes simple with just a few cuts and notches. As they grow and become more dexterous and patient, they will automatically start making their snowflakes more complex. At our house, we finally all LOVE making them. My youngest is seven and he thankfully is not a perfectionist, so anything will do. There are some great patterns on Pinterest…here is a good board for ideas.

Today I am sharing how I made this snowflake table runner (easy!) and how we make our snowflakes on You Are My Fave.

xo, Bar