One Word Resolutions

one word resolutions // fringe wall {templates on @artbarblog}

Last night we had a few neighbors over, which is always the best way to spend New Year’s Eve. It’s easy, and no one has to drive! I fringed the fridge with one-word-resolutions…a little takeaway for my guests. It was interesting and insightful to see what everyone picked. My daughters and son picked one, too. I picked focus and accept. At the end of the night my husband tore some words off and put them in a hat for everyone to pick. This was a fun way to play, too, because the word you picked become more like your fate. Or, if you really want to stir the pot (and who doesn’t at 1am after a few jello shots!) you can pick one for your spouse. Look out! I picked adventure for my hubby, which got me a giant eye roll. Subtle, I know.

If you want to make a fringe wall of your own, email me and I will send you the templates!

Here are the words I used plus some extras:

love / listen / focus / simplicity / Β laugh / friends / create / play / read / adventure / patience / exercise / pray / peace / breathe / persist / evolve / connect / smile / appreciate / relax / compassion / forgive / accept / joy / balance / harmony / give / grateful / calm / authentic / remember / release / health / floss / happy

Cheers to a happy 2013 and best wishes for good health, happiness and well being!

xo, Bar