Handmade Holiday // Paper Snowflake Garland

homemade Holiday gift

Recently, I’ve become a little obsessed with learning how to make Pinterest-worthy 3D snowflakes. They are just so beautiful! When I walked into Michael’s the other day and saw these cute little shipping tubes, my mind began to spin. I would make a snowflake garland and fit it inside the tube! Β It would be such a great teacher gift, or a gift that I could send in the mail. Hooray for alone time at Michael’s!

make 3D snowflakes

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The basic supplies that you need are white copy paper, a stapler, a pencil, scissors, and some string. I used silvery string just to make it festive.

For these particular snowflakes, I cut the dimension of my paper down to 3.5″ x 11″. I folded it in half first, then folded each section in half until I had 16 even accordion folds.

I read this tutorial from One Dog Woof before starting, and it’s a good one. It’s very clear with good photos.

After making seven, I wove the silver yarn through to complete the garland. And now it also fits perfectly inside the tube!

use mailing labels to make snowflakes

use washi tape and silver star stickers to decorate your tubes

Next, I decorated the tubes using mailing labels cut into little slivers to create snowflakes (white and neon), silver star stickers, and washi tape.

printable round label for shipping tube

I also created a round label for the top! Downloadable right here. You’re welcome.

homemade Holiday gift

I love this gift for three reasons: 1) garlands are my fave, 2) you can ship it by just wrapping it in brown paper, and 3) it reminds me of those snake-in-a-can tricks that I had as a kid where the snake pops out! Instead, out come snowflakes. SURPRISE!

I hope you try!

xo, Bar