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  • Kids and teens make brooches from plastic melty beads

    Kid Made // Perler Bead Brooch

    There is nothing fancy or original about these brooches, but they are just so darn happy (and simple)! We give these to grandparents, babysitters and aunts quite a bit. If you have kids ages five and up and you haven’t invested in some peeler beads yet (also known as hamma beads, fuse beads or melty beads), …

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  • T-Shirt Bunting

    With three growing kids, we collect a lot of t-shirts. Some of them end up in quilts, others I give to Good Will. I save many, though, because they are un-hand-me-downable. T-shirts from school walk-athons, soccer teams, variety shows…the ones that no one else would wear. The ones I use for projects! Here’s what you …

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  • Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

    Today is a very exciting day for me! I am contributing to one of my favorite blogs, Small for Big. Mari calls her blog “A design blog without a snooty attitude” which is not only true, but also one of the reasons why I love it so much. Small for Big has a very playful attitude …

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  • Treasure Hunt Party Invitations // Printable

    This year, my son had a treasure-hunt-ish party. It was more like a combo treasure hunt / Amazing Race party so we called it his “amazing treasure hunt party”. I created a downloadable version just for you. I even went all fancy and added fill-in spaces on each line so you can just type in …

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  • Monster Patches

    One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest when I joined was this image of a monster patch. It’s from a Dutch blog, and I thought (and still think) that it was brilliant! I wish I had thought of that. Marieke inspired me to finally, once and for all, start mending those jeans. …

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  • Art Bar is a year old!

    Art Bar is a Year Old!

    One year ago today, I wrote my very first post! (It is still one of my favorite photos of the little guy learning to jump rope.) When I started the blog, my plan was to create a photo journal for my kids so that some day it could be printed, bound, and put on a …

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  • Food label and gift tag designed for a client's homemade treats

    Homemade Label for Homemade Treats

    I designed these labels for my friend (and #1 fan), Carrie. I have been turning away graphic design work lately because I want to focus on a few new ventures. But I couldn’t say no because she really is the best kind of client. She gives me a few boundaries, like color and size, but …

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  • Making a simple artsy sign from colored paper

    Simple Signs // Make

    My family and friends have seen me make these signs for years. They are my last-minute, in-a-pinch, go-to idea when I need something colorful + sincere – but fast! I would say it takes about 30-45 minutes to make these from start to finish, which is pretty good. Usually my family is waiting in the …

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  • Martha Rich // Artist

    Born in Bangor, Maine, Martha Rich lived the typical suburban life, her bio says, “until she followed her husband to Los Angeles where, just short of a picket fence and 2.5 children her average American life unraveled. To cope with divorce, fate lead her to a class taught by painters and brothers Rob and Christian Clayton. …

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