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  • How to pack an efficient and small art bag for travel with kids

    Travel Art Bag

    We’re back from our February vacation! It was beautiful in the Dominican Republic and we feel so fortunate that we were invited to share a very memorable family vacation with grandparents. Despite several trips to the infirmary for various problems (which I will not elaborate on because I am pretending none of that happened), we …

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  • Oliver Jeffers // Picture Book Maker

    As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Oliver Jeffers (author + illustrator of some of our favorite books of all time), I have just discovered THIS. It’s a fascinating 3 minute movie on how he comes up with his book ideas. This is one creative (and cute) Irishman. In college, I spent a semester …

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  • Tell Them “I Like You”

    I made this poster for my kiddos for Valentine’s day today. It is Version 2. Funny story, actually, about how those three influence me creatively, and push me to be a better parent. You can read it below, or just enjoy the art! So the other night, as I lay next to him on his …

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  • Homemade Playdough // Glitter Recipe

    If you have never made homemade playdough, I hope this post compels you do it already. It’s really easy and cool to make. (By cool I mean sciency and awesome). The kids loooooooove making it, but the true bonus is that it lasts forever and ever! (By forever I mean in playdough-time, which is about …

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  • making Valentines for the whole class using newspaper hearts and brown paper bags

    Valentines for the Class

    The theme for our Valentine’s this year is quite obviously newspaper hearts. We have so many of them from our first project that we just keep using them. (I love when that happens.) I hope you are not sick of them! These Valentines were made by my 10 year-old daughter for her 4th grade class. …

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  • Craft Table // Valentines

    This week was tough. My daughter was home from school (again) with her mysterious malaise, and I had two important deadlines to meet for work. But now it’s Friday – yippee! I stayed up late last night to finish my jobs and after they were sort-of wrapped up, I downloaded these photos from my camera. …

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