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  • Valentines // Newspaper Heart Postcards

    I love painting over newspaper, it’s such a cool look (and also an excellent way to catch up on local news. I didn’t know my friend became a real estate broker, for example). We used our newspaper hearts two ways. One way was to make these postcards, the other way was to make these goody bags! …

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  • Painting prompt: Tell me a story

    Tell a Story with Painting

    My son recently spent a day home from school, his first “sick” day since he started first grade. I wasn’t being fooled, I knew he wasn’t really sick. But it was a Friday…and his sad eyes were too much for me. He loves to paint so we took out a large (12 x 18) piece …

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  • Family Reunion Tees

    “Finally, the concept of a cool family reunion t-shirt is no longer an oxymoron!” says the infinitely talented Angela Hardison. I came across Angela’s shop recently and I have to say that she is a woman after my own heart. She started designing these t-shirts for her own family reunions. After many years and many requests …

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  • Biking around Amsterdam with kids

    Amsterdam Bike Trip with Kids

    Today I am revisiting one of my favorite European excursions ever. Three summers ago, we stayed in Amsterdam for a week. We spent most of the time visiting relatives and sightseeing. Day after day, we discussed whether or not we should take a bike trip into the countryside. My little guy was sick, my middle …

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  • Paper Chain from Recycled Art

    This project is super easy with beautiful results! Hop on over to You Are My Fave for my full post with instructions. Happy Tuesday!  

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  • A New Postcard Movie

    As you may know, I have a postcard business called Late Night Cake. I just finished my second season of holiday postcards and it was crazy good. I love making cards for people. I also love making movies, but rarely have the time anymore. This movie is the second in a three part series on …

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  • A Quilt for her 13th Birthday

    My oldest turned 13 right before Christmas. I have been saving her old clothes since 1st grade for this very day! I made her a quilt a long time ago from her baby-to-kindergarten clothes, but that one was a small little doll quilt. This one was going to be big enough for her bed! She and …

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  • DIY Simple Book from Old Holiday Cards

    I never feel right about throwing Christmas cards away. There is something about personal family photos that make it impossible to just put them in the trash (especially the awkward ones). A few years ago, I decided to bind them together with book rings and hang them up. On Christmas day, we love to flip …

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  • One Word Resolutions

    Last night we had a few neighbors over, which is always the best way to spend New Year’s Eve. It’s easy, and no one has to drive! I fringed the fridge with one-word-resolutions…a little takeaway for my guests. It was interesting and insightful to see what everyone picked. My daughters and son picked one, too. …

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