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  • Snowflakes, Hearts + Hands

    Last week, we dropped by my friend Dre’s art studio, JAM (Junior Art + Music) in Sono. I love this place! I wish I could camp out there and just make art night and day. Dre opened up her studio on Friday to anyone who wanted to come in and make hands, hearts and snowflakes …

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  • Garland // Merry + Bright

    I had some leftover gift tags from my project the other day that were calling my name. So yesterday, on my 15th wedding anniversary (mentioned to remind myself that I married a very kind man who lets me leave projects out on the dining room table for weeks. Alright, sometimes he does ask about the …

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  • artist Donna Walker on Etsy

    Etsy Artists // Paintings

    Last week I posted some great children’s art that I found on Etsy. Today I will share some paintings. Many of these are original paintings, which is the best kind of art. But some are prints since the original paintings were sold. The great thing about prints, though, is that they are affordable! Donna Walker …

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  • Gift tags made with custom rubber stamps

    Rubber Stamping // Gift Tags

    Rubber stamping is one of my many obsessions. It all started when I was 16 and my High School art teacher taught us how to carve stamps out of erasers. I was fascinated with the patterns I could create by just repeating the stamp on paper and fabric. Thanks to Mrs. Thornton, patterns and textiles …

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  • Etsy artists for children

    Etsy Artists // For Children

    I’ve been gathering a list of Etsy artists for a few months now. Etsy has soooo many artists, and many of them are…well, not my taste. But some of them are quite talented and have lovely collections of work. This week and next I will post some of my favorites so that you can (perhaps) …

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