Museums with Kids

Museums with Kids

We live about an hour from New York City, which is very lucky. One train ride and we are in the Big Apple! We try to take advantage of this perk whenever possible, although I’ve found that it was actually easier when they were little and didn’t have homework and activities. One of my favorite trips is to the MoMA. I just love this place! If you’ve never had the chance to visit the Museum of Modern Art, I would suggest planning a trip to NYC, pronto.

My kids didn’t used to jump up and down for joy when I mentioned going to a museum, but now they do because I have a museum trick! Well, it’s not really my trick, it’s one that was told to me by a wise friend. You probably already know this trick, but it’s so good that I just had to share.

Here is what you do:

When you get to the museum, go directly to the gift shop. Let your kids chose a handful of postcards that excite them. You can use this time to talk about when the piece was made, the artist’s style and color choice, and anything else that stands out. Then it’s time to go on a search! My kids love this part…finding the real art that matches the postcard. I love it, too!

These pictures are from a few years ago but I remember this day like it was yesterday. After we did our museum search, we went out for lunch at Rockefeller Plaza. They had their backpacks full of little surprises, and we had the day to ourselves…just the girls. When we got home, hot and tired, they taped their postcards to their doors. A little trick they like to do to let everyone who enters know what they have been up to. We still have the postcards, I used them this summer to decorate my studio. Have I mentioned how much I love postcards?

Right now at the MoMA (through 11/5/12) there is a wonderful exhibit called Century of the Child, a survey of 20th century design for children. With over 500 items to look at, this curated show examines the intersection of Modernist design and modern thinking about children. I can’t wait to take all three of them!

Here are some more exciting ways to use museum postcards.

Have fun!



Clothespin Photo Holder

Clothespin Photo Holder

When my 12-year old found a wooden plate in one of my craft drawers, she immediately wanted to use it for something. I’d like to think she was excited about a new project, but it’s more likely she was thrilled to have found a single something. One of anything is special…it means her brother and sister wouldn’t have one, too!

We decided to glue on some washi tape clothespins and make a photo holder for her room. Here’s how we got it done:


1 wooden craft plate (ours was 10″) ~ I bought it at Michael’s, but you can also find it here

10 clothespins (more or less)

washi tape (I like to buy mine on Etsy)

wood glue

watercolor paints


stencils (4″)

neon tempera paint (for the stencil letter)

fairy glitter (clear)

First, she used watercolors to paint some stripes. On unfinished wood, watercolor acts as a stain and it dries in a minute. Then she got out a “G” stencil for her first name. Next she used a paintbrush to fill in the stencil. She removed the paper stencil and sprinkled some glitter on the letter while it was still wet. I helped her attach the clothespins with glue and weighed it down to dry (overnight) with a plate. I wasn’t sure how to attach the plate to the wall, but I didn’t need to worry because my daughter took care of it. She stuck it next to her bed with sticky velcro! Yes, she did. I guess that it’s there for life.

This would be a fun project to do at a birthday party! The clothespins can be stained with watercolor, too, instead of washi tape. Perfect for ages 8 and up.

The awesome instagram photos were printed by printstagram. I love them!! Gorgeous, thick matte paper.

Have fun!!

xo, Bar



Words to Live By // No. 1

Words to Live By // No. 1

This week I have been in complete, heavenly flow. I am designing my new holiday line of postcards and I am just so lucky to love what I do. Music always inspires, this week no less. I’ve been listening to lots of stuff, including Regina Spektor‘s new album. One song in particular is called “Firewood” and it has this beautiful piano melody and her words are pure poetry. This quote is from that song.

Have a wonderful weekend.