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  • A fun trick to get kids to enjoy museums!

    Museums with Kids

    We live about an hour from New York City, which is very lucky. One train ride and we are in the Big Apple! We try to take advantage of this perk whenever possible, although I’ve found that it was actually easier when they were little and didn’t have homework and activities. One of my favorite …

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  • Make a photo holder from clothespins and a wooden plate

    Clothespin Photo Holder

    When my 12-year old found a wooden plate in one of my craft drawers, she immediately wanted to use it for something. I’d like to think she was excited about a new project, but it’s more likely she was thrilled to have found a single something. One of anything is special…it means her brother and …

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  • Love what you have and you'll have more love // Regina Spektor quote

    Words to Live By // No. 1

    This week I have been in complete, heavenly flow. I am designing my new holiday line of postcards and I am just so lucky to love what I do. Music always inspires, this week no less. I’ve been listening to lots of stuff, including Regina Spektor‘s new album. One song in particular is called “Firewood” …

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  • Living with kids in a shared space

    Summer Studio // Looking Back

    The end of summer is always bittersweet. Memories of sleepy afternoons and warm ocean breezes still linger in my head, yet the crisp morning of today is letting me know that it’s time to move on. Fall is in the air! I love the seasons, I do. But for me, letting go of summer is …

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  • Neighborhood art show to raise money for charity

    Neighborhood Art Show

    I’ve always wanted to do an Art Show at my house. We have a unique neighborhood with a plethora of kids, so why not collect their art and display it for all to see? Made perfect sense to me! It was also a great way to teach the kids a few things: Follow through on …

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  • Fireboat - A September 11th story

    A September 11 Story

    A friend gave me Fireboat over the summer. I was prepared to fall in love with it right away since it was written and illustrated by Maira Kalman!!! I idolize her. Her art is so colorful and full of life. Not realizing it was a September 11 story, I dove right in and read it …

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  • Growth Table - a work table designed for the whole family

    Growth Table

    This table caught my eye when I saw it on Handmade Charlotte‘s blog. It’s so cool!!! I am trying to think of a way I could build this…and where I would put it in my house. In our art room, we have always had a low, round table that is perfect for ages 2 to …

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