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  • Children make art using colored tape

    Washi Tape Art

    This idea comes from Rubyellen (mom to four!) of CAKIES. It’s such a simple and fun idea…all you need is tape and paper. Rubyellen’s tape is from Kid Made Modern at Target. I like the use of solid tape for this project. It lends itself better to interpreting ideas than patterned tape would, especially for smaller children. …

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  • a Japanese rubber stamp kit

    A Japanese Rubber Stamp Kit

    We love making patterns here at home. My kids’ early childhood roots are firmly planted in the rich and beautiful land of Montessori materials. This, along with their mother’s love of prints and textiles, has provided them with many years of creating and recognizing patterns or every kind. Whether visual, auditory or tactile, they are …

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  • handmade journals for kids

    Making Travel Journals + Our Trip to Disney

    Ok, I will admit that this doesn’t look quick and easy. But it is! As you may remember, I’ve confessed to being inept at time management. It was the day (eve) before our Disney trip, and I forgot to buy the kids journals. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we were at home, but …

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  • make homemade wrapping paper with bubble wrap printing

    Bubble Wrap Printing

    This is a very fun and quite simple art idea for the whole family. All my kids got involved — my 6-yr old stayed with it for hours! We printed on a long roll of paper (our intention was to make wrapping paper), but you can also just use sheets and hang them up as …

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  • The importance of play in a child's life

    The Importance of Play

    I have just finished reading Nurture Shock, by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman, for the second time. Forgetting that I’d already read it, I picked it up again and was just as fascinated. It’s nothing like a parenting manual. In fact, this insightful book transcends basic child rearing. I highly recommend this book. The authors propose …

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  • Red, white, and blue things in my home

    Red + White + Blue

    Today I made a collage of my own personal photos. I have always loved reds and blues, but now these colors have a whole new meaning in my life. Two years ago, on July 3rd, I was sworn in as a US citizen. It was about time! I had put it off for years, thanks …

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