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  • Carnevale masks made by kids

    Carnevale Masks

    I came across these masks by Spanish artist Neusa Lopez. She calls this series Carnevale. They are so colorful and creative and BIG! A little cardboard, a little paint, some glue….amazing what a few art supplies can create. I love them and I hope some day we can make them here at home. Thanks for …

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  • best EIGHTEEN things to do with the kids this summer

    Summer List 2012

    Last day of school was Thursday. It’s officially summer vacation and we are quite literally jumping for joy! Here is our Summer List 2012: 1. swim + boat / 2. outdoor movie / 3. red velvet ice-cream sandwiches / 4. pipe-cleaner letters / 5. finger knitting / 6. fiesta pom-poms / 7. cloud dough / …

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  • Some great art supplies for kids

    Ideal Art Supply Cupboard

    It’s official…summer is here! Time for lots of arts and crafts. If you are like me, you want to keep the crafts simple. But what are the best art supplies to keep at hand in your cupboard? Believe me when I tell you that you need very few. Often we just use the same three: …

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  • Kids make a 3D paper collage from scrap paper

    Scrap Paper Collage

    This was move-out week! We rent our house out in the summer and spend weeks cleaning out closets, sprucing up rooms, and leaving behind empty shelves that are clean and ready for a new family. Since school is out for my little guy, he had to fend for himself for many hours each day (without …

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  • painting portraits of their dad for Father's Day

    Daddy Portraits

    Being a good dad is a hard job, and can often go unappreciated. This year, the kids spent some time painting a portrait of their dad and writing him a special note to let him know that he really is one of the best. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! Supplies …

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  • Paper flowers from magazines

    Magazine Flowers

    These flowers are actually made from J. Crew catalogs, but you can make them from magazines and newspapers as well. I love this craft for three reasons: 1) I can use all of those pretty catalogs that pile up in my recycle bin, 2) I learn about new color names like tidepool and Hampton purple, …

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  • "Cheese Sandwich" by Ruud Bergmans

    My Favorite Artist: My Dad

    Ruud Bergmans was born in Holland in 1939. He was number five of seven kids, and he always had an itch to leave his small town and large family. He married my mom, a girl from the town next door who was also ready for an adventure, had three kids, and moved 11 times by …

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  • Making an easy fort for a child

    Easy Forts

    Kids love forts! It’s true. I have never met a child who doesn’t love small, enclosed spaces where they can hide their stuff, and hide themselves. I remember as a kid begging my parents to let me sleep in the basement, in the small storage room that was full of secret stuff. They let me! …

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  • Printable teacher gift tags with quotes

    Teacher Gift Tags

    I made these over the weekend and thought I’d try offering them as free printables! I’ve never done this before, so I hope I’m doing it right. I bought some card stock that went through my printer (65 lb. weight). Then I cut them out by hand, punched a hole and put in a string. I …

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