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  • Teacher gift tags from paint chips

    Gift Tags from Paint Chips

    It’s about that time of year: I need to start thinking about teacher gifts. Usually, I like to do a little homemade something-something. I have an inkling of what I’m going to do this year (maybe not homemade, but I’m OK with that), and I’ll top it off with these hand drawn gift tags! This …

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  • Polish pom-pom pujaki

    Pujaki: Paper Chandelier

    I’ve become a little obsessed with making a Pujaki. The word Pujaki is polish and translated it means “spiders of straw”. There is a strong folk arts & crafts tradition in Poland. In the winter, when much of the outdoor activities were suspended, Polish peasant families would spend their time preparing for on of their …

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  • Operation Alphabet by the Ministry of Letters

    Operation Alphabet

    Note: Since first writing this post in 2012, the Ministry of Letters is no longer around. But I just loved the clever concept of a singing alphabet, so I left this post up as creative inspiration. You can still buy their book! Have you discovered the Ministry of Letters yet? There is a secret world that not …

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  • attic art room for kids

    A Kids Art Room

    I love this art room for kids. It’s so simple, but has everything you need. A quiet and clean space, a chalkboard wall, neat and organized supplies, and a place to display art. The chandelier is actually a laundry drying rack from Ikea…so clever. What a great place to let your imagination run amuck!

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  • Birthday banner made from leftover cards

    Recycled Postcard Banner

    My sweet neighbor, Georgy, turned 103 last week. Yep! She was born in 1909. We visited her in her house that she built with her husband in 1939. She lives alone, but is loved and taken care of by many. She still cleans her own house and takes walks up the street on nice days. …

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  • Oma // my mom

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    My mom in Holland, 1971. My kids call her Oma. She is an incredible human being, remarkable in every way. She has taught me to stay strong, rise above it, keep trying, be grateful, smile at everyone, give generously, laugh at myself, cross at the light, stop complaining, eat my protein, cherish my marriage and, …

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  • we love Maurice Sendak

    Maurice Sendak

    Today we lost beloved children’s book author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak. He was a man who accepted and embraced vulnerability. He understood the fear of the unknown and saw the complexities of mankind, both good and bad. By penning one of the most influential children’s books of the 20th Century, Where the Wild Things Are, Sendak encouraged …

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  • ECHOage birthday parties are all about giving

    An ECHOage Birthday

    To continue with my birthday theme this past week (streamers are still up), I wanted to share with you our secret to a happy birthday party. For the past three years, we have celebrated the kids’ birthdays with ECHOage, an online birthday party service whereby your child choses a charity to donate to in lieu …

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  • Flubber making is fun for teens, too!

    Flubber: A Toy for All Ages

    I left some of our homemade flubber at my kids’ performing arts studio. Turns out, flubber is not just for kids! Lorah Haskins of The Studio made this movie. Make some flubber for yourself with our recipe. xo, Bar  

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