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  • Make an (almost) perfect rainbow pom-pom with this simple DIY.

    Rainbow Pom-Pom DIY

    We make pom-poms all the time in art class, and at home. It seems like whenever we have a little time left over, the kids gravitate towards the basket of yarn and ask to make pom-poms. I thought I would show you my best attempt at a perfect rainbow pom-pom, using our favorite pom-pom makers. …

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  • Cardboard letters wrapped with yarn made by kids.

    Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

    I’ve been wanting to share these cardboard letters for so long! My art camp kids made them back in July. The other day, as I was going through these photos, I realized that four of the letters spelled C.A.L.M. Boy, did I need this message. If there is anything that I am not these days, …

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  • a collaborative chandelier with ribbons and pom-poms made by kids

    Ribbon Chandelier

    I’m so in love with this ribbon chandelier that the kids and I made together in art camp. I’ve been wanting to make one for a year, ever since I saw this one on Pinterest made with fabric strips. A few weeks ago, I was teaching a week of art camp centered around fabric and textiles, …

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  • Bird Finder Binoculars

    I love a simple craft that is completely child-led. These bird binoculars were such a hit with the kids during our “BIRDS & BUGS” week at art camp. They loved being able to pick out their own color combinations, wrap yarn and cut tape (two skills that take lots of concentration and make little ones feel …

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  • make a beautiful weaving from an ordinary branch

    Branch Weaving

    I’ve been wanting to weave on a branch for years. That might sound strange to an ordinary person, but for this textile design geek it’s a perfectly normal dream! Since my windows of making-alone-time are far and few between, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time finding the perfect branch. I literally took this …

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  • Yarn Star Ornaments

    Today is Art Bar Monday and the kids made some gorgeous ornaments that I wanted to share! I love this idea of wrapping pipe cleaners with yarn. It’s not only charming and pretty, but therapeutic. (And yes, more pom-poms.) You’ll need pipe cleaners, a star cookie cutter, and yarn (and if you really want to be …

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  • God's Eye // sticks and yarn

    Ojo de Dios / God’s Eye

    This summer has been flying by! We haven’t made much of a dent in our summer crafts list, I’m afraid. There is still time, though. One craft we did make, though, are these God’s Eyes. With their Mexican roots, these Ojo de Dios’ are so colorful and beautiful! This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your …

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