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  • Start an art journal with easy art prompts! Great for children and grown-ups who want to tap into their creative energy.

    Starting an Art Journal

    Today I bring out my art journal, an old friend who needed some attention. I’ve started a thousand journals in my lifetime. When I was young, I called them diaries. I had many. The ones with locks were the most coveted. I would write feverishly in a new diary for the first six to eight pages. After …

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  • DIY Thanksgiving Banner

    One week until my favorite holiday of the year! I love Thanksgiving. It’s so much more relaxing than that December holiday. Four days of being with family is just what I need in the middle of this hectic book tour (which I have yet to write about but you can see some photos from my …

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  • My Best Posts of 2015

    Happy almost new year!! I’m not going to say it, how I can’t believe that the year is already over, and how time just moves too quickly. Those words are so contrived. Instead, let me just say that 2015 was a pretty great year for me, and I owe it almost ALL to my followers and fans. …

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  • DIY Painting // XOXO

    I’m so behind on work. I seriously have piles everywhere (which is the truth if you knew me and the normal state of my house). But today I woke up to find that the “invitation to paint” I had put out for my teenage daughter yesterday during our snow day was left untouched. It was …

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  • make art journals with your kids from paper bags // teach them how to think like an artist!

    Paper Bag Art Journal for Kids

    Over the summer, I had art camp here every day for five weeks. On day one of each new session, the first thing we did was make an art journal. It was something that could be used throughout the week, if the kids were done with their projects early, or if they had an idea …

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  • Simple invitation to paint for young children

    Invitation to Paint

    Ever since my kids were very little, I have always put materials out in hopes that they would walk by, sit down, and get inspired. I just never knew until recently that there is a name for this philosophy! It’s called an “Invitation to Play”. I love this! It’s a term that is rooted in …

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  • Giant Christmas Tree Paintings

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! While we had the paints out from our teacher gift tags, the kids spied the big paper and wanted to make big paintings! From small format to big, there’s nothing children love better than changing things up. For these paintings you will need large format watercolor paper …

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  • Sunburst Paintings

    Today is our first day back to school. I am biting my nails. I don’t know whether to be sad or happy. Both, I guess. To kick off the school year I am sharing a simple “art meets math” project with quite beautiful results. Please click over to Small for Big for my Art Bar …

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  • Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

    Today is a very exciting day for me! I am contributing to one of my favorite blogs, Small for Big. Mari calls her blog “A design blog without a snooty attitude” which is not only true, but also one of the reasons why I love it so much. Small for Big has a very playful attitude …

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  • Valentines // Newspaper Heart Postcards

    I love painting over newspaper, it’s such a cool look (and also an excellent way to catch up on local news. I didn’t know my friend became a real estate broker, for example). We used our newspaper hearts two ways. One way was to make these postcards, the other way was to make these goody bags! …

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