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  • Draw a Friend // Portraits by Kids for the Classroom

    I am a picture book lover and collector, and my favorite ones are about friendship. When my children were little and September came around, there were certain books I would always pull out and read with them prior to the first day or school and throughout those first few weeks. These books were like old …

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  • Transform a paper plate into a work of art with colorful washi tape.

    Washi Tape Paper Plates

    Paper plates are a fantastic art material. I mean, there are literally hundreds of crafts on Pinterest that use paper plates! I think the possibilities are endless, they really are. I especially love what my friend Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks does with paper plates. I think she needs to write a book! And we’ve …

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  • these pipe cleaner wands are the perfect open-ended craft for a group of children

    Pipe Cleaner Wands at the Craft Fair

    Last Fall (yes, it takes me this long to post things sometimes) I was invited to set up a table at my children’s early childhood alma mater for their annual craft fair. I thought long and hard about what to do with the kids. I couldn’t do something with paint because most parents don’t want to travel around …

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  • Bird Finder Binoculars

    I love a simple craft that is completely child-led. These bird binoculars were such a hit with the kids during our “BIRDS & BUGS” week at art camp. They loved being able to pick out their own color combinations, wrap yarn and cut tape (two skills that take lots of concentration and make little ones feel …

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  • Washi Tape Leaves

    Recently, we went on vacation to a beautiful Caribbean island for a family reunion. We ate, slept, hiked, visited beaches, laughed with family, took a million photos, made some t-shirts, and just had the time of our lives. I brought with me a bag of washi tape (as most people do) because I thought it would …

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  • bracelets made by kids with duct tape and washi tape

    Washi Tape Bracelets

    We were away last week in the beautiful island of St. Barth’s. It was fourteen of us, living together in a villa for a family reunion like no other. My dad lives down in St. Barth’s with his wife, Ann, for part of the year. They invited me, my brother and my sister (and even my …

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  • Make: Wooden Block Photo Holders

    I am so excited to share this idea. Do you have as much trouble finding photo holders as I do? Well, I do believe your search will now be over. These little guys were super easy to make and cost less than $2 each! They are a perfect family gift, along with these gorgeous Printstagram …

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  • Make a photo holder from clothespins and a wooden plate

    Clothespin Photo Holder

    When my 12-year old found a wooden plate in one of my craft drawers, she immediately wanted to use it for something. I’d like to think she was excited about a new project, but it’s more likely she was thrilled to have found a single something. One of anything is special…it means her brother and …

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  • decorate clothespins with washi tape

    Washi Tape Clothespins

    Over here at out house, we are always hanging art on a line. I keep a jar of clothespins at arm’s reach. This week we were preparing for a neighborhood art show, so I decided to make the clothespins a little fancier. This is very simple! Buy clothespins like these that art flat at the …

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  • Baby Shower Invitation

    Handmade “Shabby Chic” invitation for my SIL. (It’s a girl!) I used custom rubber stamps and washi tape. See my post on how this invitation was put together.

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