Stencil Art // You Are Loved

Stencil Art // You Are Loved

Today is an exciting day for me. I am officially a contributor on Small for Big, a very cool blog founded by Mari Richards (who also happens to be an accomplished toy designer). I am so happy to be able to share art projects with her readers! I will be a guest on Small for Big twice a month… we are calling it “Art Bar Monday”! Today I am sharing this fun and simple art project that you can make for someone you love. And since you love so many people, I’ll show you how you can use these stencils on just about anything. (Father’s day is coming up on June 16th, by the way.)

For the full tutorial on how to do the pencil eraser stamping, hop on over to Small for Big. I made a video of the process as well, but let’s just say…. life did imitate art, and things didn’t quite go as planned. If you are interested in seeing 40 minutes of work condensed to 4 minutes (along with some insightful life lessons + one major mistake), then click here and check it out.

Here is my trusty assistant with our contraption made from twill tape, a shoe lace and an egg carton. Yup. We’re thinking of getting a patent.

Have a happy Monday!

xo Bar



Art Kit Party Favor

Art Kit Party Favor

There are many ways to go when planning a party favor. I love the one-gift idea very much, like a puzzle or a ball or some princess wings. Last year we made flubber for everyone which was awesome. We’ve also done our fair share of paper bags filled with junk. These happen to be a parent’s least favorite, but the kids love them. The more useless dollar store toys + candy the closer they feel to having won the jackpot. My very favorite favor to give is arts + crafts (of course!). I am so excited to share this favor idea because it’s affordable (about $5.00 if you make 10 or more) and so cute!

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Art kit party favor items:

muslin bag (10 x 12, set of 25 for $28, $1.12 ea) or (muslin bag 8 x 12, set of 10 for $12, $1.20 ea)

wooden star (5.5 x 5.5, $0.47 ea)

paints (I got mine on Amazon, $8 for 10, so about $1 ea) – or you can find them at CVS, Walgreens or Michael’s.

brushes (I got mine at Michael’s, 25 brushes for $4.99, $0.20 ea) - or just find brushes at CVS, Walgreens or Michael’s.

glitter glue (I got 16 minis for $5.20, so $0.33 ea) – you can also find these at CVS, Walgreens or Michael’s.

pom-poms ($8.90 for half-pounder bag on Amazon, about $0.10 per handful) – you can also find these at Walmart or Michael’s

mini plastic bagettes – you can also get these at Walmart or the same place as the wooden stars

lollipops (24 pops for $10, $0.42 ea)

I used alphabet rubber stamps and some perler + letter beads to embellish the muslin bags. But honestly, you could put all of this stuff in a paper bag or a plastic bag, too.

I envision the kids racing home to pull out their stars, paints, glitter + poms. Then propping their finished stars up on the mantle for everyone to admire. Well, that’s at least what’s happening over here!

Happy Monday Tuesday!


Bubble Wrap Printing

Bubble Wrap Printing

This is a very fun and quite simple art idea for the whole family. All my kids got involved — my 6-yr old stayed with it for hours! We printed on a long roll of paper (our intention was to make wrapping paper), but you can also just use sheets and hang them up as art!


bubble wrap

coffee can (or any container that is sturdy)

duck tape


paint brushes

Cut a piece of bubble wrap and fold it over the top of the can (with the lid on). Use duct tape to secure it so it’s tight. Mix a color and paint it on the bubble wrap. Try not to push too hard — you want to paint the bubbles, but not the crevices in between. Paint fast before the paint dries, then turn it over onto the paper and press down.

It may take a few stamps to get it right, but the beauty of this project is that even if you are too heavy-handed, or the opposite — it’s printmaking and it’s supposed to be imperfect!

I am a big believer in never going for perfection. Point out to your kids how beautiful each stamp is — no two are alike (just like snowflakes).

We wrapped teacher gifts with the paper. I will share more of our wrapping papers in my next post!

xo, Bar