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  • Fluffy Bubblegum Slime

    I know, I know, we are behind on this one. Slime was the hot viral sensation six months ago back in January, when we shot and filmed this post. My fourteen-year old daughter, Ava, has been utterly and completely obsessed with making slime. She is the one who made up this recipe, she is the one who …

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  • Potions Week at Art Camp

    Oh my goodness, this was the most fun week of camp ever. It was truly epic! It wasn’t really as much of a “magic potions” week (like this day two summers ago which was the messiest fun ever), as it was a week about recipes and fizzing and mixing and just plain-old sensory messy fun. …

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  • make beautiful marbled paper with shaving cream

    DIY Marbled Paper

    Have you ever tried marbling paper with shaving cream? We’ve done it in art camp many, many times. Yes, it’s messy. But it’s also magical. The kids usually make and make until all the shaving cream is used up. This last time we went through six cans! I think they look like those beautiful Italian marbled …

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  • 16 Sensory Recipes for Squishy Play

    We make squishy mushy recipes all the time. I have a few favorites, and many that I still want to try. I thought it would be fun to do a round-up, and perhaps as much for me as for you! Now I will have all of the best recipes in one place. Here we go… …

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