Love This {six}

Love This {six}

And now for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days.

But first, a quote for my girls. School starts tomorrow for all three of my kids. My son is entering third grade, one daughter is entering sixth grade at the middle school, and the oldest is starting ninth grade at the high school. Three different schools and three different phases in childhood. I love quotes, and I scour Pinterest quite often for a good quote that might help a situation that they are going through. Sometimes I even make quote collages for friends to cheer them up or make them laugh. Today’s quote is specifically for my girls, because my son is eight and still so authentic. But the girls are in their tween and teen years, straddling the line between wanting to be cool and mature, yet yearning to be young again so that they can just be themselves. I want to send them off with these words from Robin S. Sharma, an author who wrote a popular self-help book. I find that this is sort of a version of the “do unto others” golden rule. But it’s a bit more zen and more about your spirit than about your behavior. Be positive, accepting, and inclusive and you will get back that same energy from others. Show kindness and compassion, and you will create a grateful life. Diminish the drama and you will find a better connection with your friends and a more simplified existence. There is so much to teach them about life from this little quote. It’s a good one.

Love This {six}

1. Winter is right around the corner (noooooo!!!!). We are totally doing this to fill some long, dark, cold afternoons. Genius!

2. If you have flat hair that is thick but not curly or straight, just kinda frizzy and blah (moi), then this tutorial for 5-minute beach waves is for you! I tried it, and it kind of looked ok.

3. Read this brilliant re-branding of the world failure.

4. My new favorite artist.

5. Sit down with your lunch and watch this video (10 minutes). Filed under “amazing” and “inspirational”, there is a 100% chance it will make your day. This one boy’s creativity filled my eyes water, because he is just that incredible.

6. I love this drawing game for a group of little kids.So simple and super fun. Cue the giggling!

7. I am totally saving up for this cool shelf for my son’s room. So rad!

8. I could be very happy in this renovated Barcelona loft. Especially since there doesn’t seem to be any room for kids. Sorry guys!

9. These paper balls are so cool. I’m thinking craft night and garlands!!

10. Just when you think it is not possible to be original as an artist, that everything has been done before…you see this. Unbelievably cool.

Cheers to the last day of summer vacation…always a little bittersweet.

xo, Bar


Being Awesome + Love This {five}

Being Awesome + Love This {five}

It’s time for my monthly (ish) round-up of the things I’m loving these days.

But first… We had someone very close to us pass away this week. His heart stopped, at the age of 49. He left behind his beautiful daughter who is 14, and his dear and very spectacular wife. They are being brave and strong, as well as falling apart and weeping. George was his own person, so smart and funny with a story about everything and a twinkle in his eye. I loved being with him because he could always articulate what I couldn’t, and then add a punch line. He wore interesting t-shirts and brought over his own specialty beer wherever he went. He could see the big picture, he didn’t sweat the small stuff. George will be deeply missed. In his honor, I wanted to promote and salute all of the people in the world who are comfortable enough in their own skin to always be real and just totally awesome.

Love This {five}

1. Read this spot-on little piece about what you learn in your 40′s. But only if you’re in your 40′s.

2. Boyfriends do their girlfriends makeup. This is funny.

3. Photographer Kate T. Parker empowers girls with her photos. Her message: Strong is the new pretty. Yes!

4. Dalton Ghetti sculpts the tippy top of pencils. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

5. I need to own these tea towels.

6. These rainbow pencils are brilliant, just so simple and beautiful. I’m happy they are on the earth.

7. Affordable original paintings by Emily Jeffords. The stillness and beauty of her paintings make me feel calm.

8. I love the simplicity of these nature crowns. I am definitely making these at art camp this summer!

9. These two young boys brought the house to tears with their original rap song in front of thousands. Kids are just so darn brave!

Have a happy weekend!

xo, Bar

RIP George. We'll miss you.

RIP George. We’ll miss you.


The World Needs You + Love This {two}

The World Needs You + Love This {two}

My middle daughter started middle school last week, and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride. It is so surprising to me how there are some families who don’t teach their kids that they must filter their words. What ever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? It’s what my mother always taught me, and what I teach my kids. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I still believe that kindness is more important than anything. I created this graphic as a reminder that the world needs her vivacious, funny, honest, challenging, courageous, creative and generous soul, too.

Love This {two}  (note: I changed the name of this series from Cool Stuff to Love This. Bear with me please, my changing mind is just part of the package.)

Here are some interesting things that I’ve loved lately (the first three are related to raising daughters):

1. A great, short article on how to talk to your daughters about their body (step one: don’t talk to your daughters about their body).

2. On that note…for anyone who has daughters on the verge of puberty, this ad campaign is genius!

3. I bought these pencils for my girls!

4. For whatever reason, I am always worried that my kids get enough calcium. Here is a list of 9 plant-based calciums (which I have written on a piece of paper and taped to my pantry wall).

5. I am stocking up on these trays from IKEA for all of my holiday teacher gifts.

6. Artist Leslie Graff is my new hero. Her “Domestic Series” of paintings are so well done. I love the color and composition, but also how she attempts to explore the tension between fiction and reality.

7. Tim Ferriss, start-up guru, posted a super helpful article on his blog about why & how creative people need say “no”. (Time is truly our most valuable commodity!)

Hug your kids and tell them you love them. Have a good weekend!

xo, Bar

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