Ok, I will admit that this doesn’t look quick and easy. But it is!

As you may remember, I’ve confessed to being inept at time management. It was the day (eve) before our Disney trip, and I forgot to buy the kids journals. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we were at home, but since we are in a rental for the summer, I brought very little with us and I didn’t have one notebook or pad or anything. What I did have was some nice, thick vellum. (An artist always has a stash of nice paper!)

I decided to quickly bind together some pages. I had my daughter cut the paper into quarters, (10 sheets per journal would suffice). I spent a few minutes on the internet looking up book binding. There are umpteen ways to make journals, so I chose something that looked the least complicated. Janis from Pinecone Camp (via Poppytalk) created a wonderful post (and a far prettier journal than mine) on a simple way to bind pages together.

I did not have an awl, so I used a hammer and nail. I happened to have a large needle and I used some twine. I just weaved in and out of the holes until it seemed sturdy and looked even.

Each of my three kids used a different medium to decorate their cover (minimizing the inevitable “She’s copying me!”). I grabbed them each a black fine tip sharpie, some markers, and a few of our favorite le pens. We put them in ziploc baggies with a roll of wash tape, and that was it!

Each night, they took out their journals and wrote about their day. They rated the rides (Splash Mountain got an A++) and taped in stuff collected along the way. Their grandparents loved reading them!

Here is our Disney movie, it was quite an experience for us first-timers!