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  • Custom designed baby shower invitation in YELLOW with washi tape garland

    Handmade Baby Shower Invitation

    This week I’d been given the distinct honor of creating a baby shower invitation for my SIL, the esteemed Marysue Rucci of Simon & Schuster. Lucky me! After hours of late night thinking and scouring, I finally decided on a theme: Shabby Chic. I have had an obsession lately with rubber stamping, flag bunting, and …

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  • Baby Shower Invitation

    Handmade “Shabby Chic” invitation for my SIL. (It’s a girl!) I used custom rubber stamps and washi tape. See my post on how this invitation was put together.

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  • Private school fundraiser custom invitation

    Math Themed School Fundraiser Invitation: Everyone Counts

    Everyone Counts! This school for young children chose a math theme which was perfectly suited for the fresh and bold use of circles and numbers. With it’s retro color palette and fun kid activities (cut off the ruler to measure stuff around the house!), the invitation was memorable and brought everyone together for a good …

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  • Private school fundraiser custom invitation

    Always in My Heart

    Hand painted faces combined with collage create a light and warm hearted mood for this early childhood school’s annual fundraiser.   

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