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  • A year of making, guest posts by Art Bar Blog on Small for Big

    A Year of Making

    It’s been one whole year of making from Art Bar on Small for Big! Today I am featuring a round-up of some of my faves. It is also a goodbye for me as I will be leaving my contributor position to focus on some exciting things happening here at home. Mari has been so generous …

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  • Make + Share on Instagram // #makeit2014

    Are you on Instagram yet? Well hurry up and get on already! I know you. You’re like, what, another social media thingy? But trust me, it’s bonkers how much fun and easy Instagram is. Here’s why I love it (and why you should join a.s.a.p!!): 1) How often do you have your good camera on you …

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  • Holiday Postcards from Late Night Cake

    Holiday Postcards are up on the website! I do love these new cards. I’ve thrown tradition out the window this year and just designed from my heart. I think the postcards are pretty & happy and they make me smile. I am running a 20% off special until October 31st at midnight for all of you …

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