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New Holiday Postcards + Giveaway

New Holiday Postcards + Giveaway

Did you know that I have a postcard company? It’s called Late Night Cake and today I am launching my third full season! Here is the very condensed version of why I started this business. I had been making postcards for my own family for many years. I loved that they were quirky and completely original, I loved that I didn’t have to stuff them into envelopes, and I loved the concept of receiving a postcard in the mail…instant excitement and immediately gratifying. Then one night (late at night, eating that cake…ha ha) it hit me! I should start a company selling my cards so that everyone could send this experience through the mail. I thought this idea was not only brilliant, but completely necessary. I was going to bring back the art of writing a letter; spearhead the movement of spreading happiness. And not just for holidays, but all year round. I started Late Night Cake in October 2011, offering original holiday postcards and personal stationary for kids. (I am keeping this post to my holiday cards, but I LOVE my kids cards equally…I swear they keep my kids happily writing their thank you notes, and that truly is a feat!)

Today I have more than 40 original prints and patterns that I have painted, stamped, collaged or illustrated. I have found a print company that has stayed true to my vision of green printing. They use post-consumer paper and soy based inks, and their heavy matte postcard stock is just heavenly. I have grown my customer base from local friends and family, to families all across the country (soon to be the world). I love that my postcards are unlike anything you can find. They are beautiful (even the backs are pretty), fun and above all…happy. Unlike other companies out there where you just drop in a photo and order, Late Night Cake is a boutique shop so you can correspond directly with the designer (moi) and each card is completely customizable. I even fix photos so that they are looking their very best!

Oh, I almost forgot the giveaway! In one week I will be giving away a set of free holiday postcards. The lucky winner will receive a set of either 100 or 250 cards, depending on their need. All you have to do is leave a comment here or on my Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow me on Instagram and comment on my Late Night Cake postcard image. Enter to win up to four times if you leave a comment at each place! Contest ends October 18th, 2013 at midnight (so you have one week). The winner will be chosen at random and I will contact the winner directly.

It’s a bit awkward promoting myself on my blog, but I really love these postcards and I know you would, too, so I had to share. Sorry if I rambled on for too long…I’m a bit bonkers over postcards. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the pretty pictures and have at least been motivated to take your family photo!

xo Bar

ps: As an additional bonus, you can get 25% off of any postcard order through the end of October. Go to my Late Night Cake Facebook page to get the code. You don’t have to become a fan, but it would be lovely if you did!


Holiday Postcards // New Designs

Holiday Postcards // New Designs

I have added three new designs to the website. Visit Late Night Cake to order your postcards for the holidays (and make your friends jealous because sending a postcard is way easier than stuffing envelopes).

And while you’re busy getting Christmassy and fixing up your house this weekend, listen to these Holiday Playlists from me to you.

Thanks, friends!


Holiday Postcards from Late Night Cake

Holiday Postcards from Late Night Cake

Holiday Postcards are up on the website! I do love these new cards. I’ve thrown tradition out the window this year and just designed from my heart. I think the postcards are pretty & happy and they make me smile.

I am running a 20% off special until October 31st at midnight for all of you organized-plan-ahead type people. All you have to do is become a fan on my Facebook page.

I am also launching a new line of square postcards, perfect for Instagram photos.

Click over to Late Night Cake to see the whole collection.