Valentines Made by Hand {24 ideas}

Valentines Made by Hand {24 ideas}

Moving to America when I was five was memorable for many reasons. Learning a new language for one, although I don’t remember that. What I remember most about my first year here was making Valentines for everyone in my class. It was like Christmas! Sharing what I had made for my friends, and receiving what they had made for me – I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I miss Kindergarten.

There are infinite ways to make a Valentines card from scratch. Most of these ideas are open-ended, process oriented cards, which are the best kind. Just put out supplies and let your kids explore and create! (And you can, too).

Row 1: cut out heart window and add red heart (you can forgo the printed lettering and write by hand) by Lovely Design // heart punch and paint chips at Juneberry Lane // tissue paper collage heart + glitter at Panther’s Palette // use glue and collage materials to make valentine faces by My Paper Crane

Row 2: minimalist painted valentines by Annily Green // simply paint with reds and pinks then add glitter and cut into heart shape at Many Hats of a Mom // fingerprint valentine by The Gold Jellybean or Paint Cut Paste // liquid watercolor heart postcards at Art Bar

Row 3: layer paper hearts and fold into an envelope by Martha Stewart // draw hearts with pencil then paint in with patterns and cut from our Flickr feed // i heart you accordion cards at BHG // trace your child’s hand for the sweetest valentine by Martha Stewart

Row 4: stickers and washi tape heart pendants at Blank Style // felt heart (sew or glue on) with rubber stamps at Clever Charlotte // liquid watercolors make for beautiful paper, then just cut into hearts at You Are My Fave // newspaper heart bunting at Maya Made

Row 5: use cupcake liners to make a valentine badge by Urban Comfort // ombre heart kit (and other valentine kits) at Paper Source // hand sew or use glue with these simple heart cards at Apartment Therapy and All Buttoned Up // make a heart lei at Homemade Serenity

Row 6: pop-up valentine at Minieco // heart doilies by Martha Stewart // newspaper hearts at Art Bar // melted crayon hearts by Martha Stewart

craft table: handmade valentines | art bar

In my opinion, the best way to make homemade cards is to create a craft table full of all the supplies you will need. Set up the table on the weekend, and leave it out for a day or two. Sit down with your kids if you can, or if they are little, and just enjoy the process. The photo above is from our Valentine craft table from last year. The cards don’t have to be complicated…it’s just so lovely to give something (and receive something) that has been made from the heart. ♡

xo, Bar

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XO – In My Room

XO – In My Room

Ok, freaking out about this amazing furniture. I want every piece! I would have to get a new house, which is an obstacle I admit. Wow, though. Just beautiful.

Here’s a little bit about XO – In My Room. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company was started by three brothers. (I love it even more! A family business is so cool.) Each piece is handmade from reclaimed wood and other high quality materials, and are named after and inspired by their own kids (10 between them). I love their vintage modern feel…I could stare at these photos all day! Is that weird?

via Babyccino Kids


Handmade Baby Shower Invitation

Handmade Baby Shower Invitation

This week I’d been given the distinct honor of creating a baby shower invitation for my SIL, the esteemed Marysue Rucci of Simon & Schuster. Lucky me! After hours of late night thinking and scouring, I finally decided on a theme: Shabby Chic. I have had an obsession lately with rubber stamping, flag bunting, and washi tape. Combining these elements was soooo much fun. I knew the mommy-to-be would be decorating her baby girl’s room in yellows with a touch of pink, so the color choices had been made. Planning and execution were my biggest hurdles.

Here’s how it went down (I’ve included the bunting template for you)…

The type on this invitation was created entirely with custom made rubber stamps. The invitation copy was one rubber stamp. The envelope front and back were each a rubber stamp. And I even made a rubber stamp of just my SIL’s name so that I could create thank-you notes for her as a gift.

I designed the yellow flower cards and sent them out to be printed. I then used pink ink and stamped each card individually. It was quite a bit of work, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. But I really wanted an authentic hand stamped look, and I’m a little bit crazy, so there you go!

To create the flags, I did some measuring. The card was 4.5″ wide, and the washi tape was 5/8″ wide, so I calculated fitting five flags across. I created a row of triangles, each triangle measuring the width of the tape. I used a faint line so that you wouldn’t see it if my cutting wasn’t up to snuff (hopefully you can see it in these photos!).

Next, I cut out the strips and laid them beneath the pre-cut pieces of string. (This photo above shows one, but I actually did several at a time).

Then I very carefully placed the tape over the paper, making sure that it fit perfectly over the triangle, and going over the top of the string. After I taped all five triangles, I pulled up the string from the table and flipped the tape over to the back.

IMPORTANT: When flipping the tape over the back, make sure that the string is secured just above the paper, not pushed over to the back. This will be crucial when cutting.

Time to cut the flags! This was really fun. I just followed the lines of the triangles underneath the tape. I clipped as close to the top edge as I could without cutting the string.

Next, I got out my exacto knife and a ruler. I made two teeny nicks on the edges of the card, using the ruler as a guide and a straight edge. This allowed me to slip in the string and hold it in place. I then tied the back, trimmed the string, and I was done!

Creating invitations by hand is one of my favorite things to do! Especially when it’s for someone I love so dearly.