Goblin Garland {Halloween}

Goblin Garland {Halloween}

goblin garland ~ a collage craft made with recycled materials

goblin garland ~ a collage craft made with recycled materials

goblin garland ~ a collage craft made with recycled materials

Today on Art Bar monday on Small for Big, learn how to make these funny little goblins with recycled materials from your house, and a free goblin template. We had so much fun setting up our collage table and making these little guys because they reminded us of Yoda. A garland of Yodas for Halloween seemed just right for our family!

Happy Monday!

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Candy Wrapper Halloween Banner

Candy Wrapper Halloween Banner

It’s now 5 days until Halloween, and my kids are at their breaking point with me. I brought the Halloween boxes up two weeks ago but they are still sitting in the living room untouched. Until today that is! I found a ziploc bag full of candy wrappers and remembered that I had meant to make a candy wrapper banner last year. So, despite thoughts of cavities/promoting junk food running through my head, I made the banner. And whadyaknow? It’s pretty sweet.

It’s a multi-step process, but not hard. It took me about two hours from start to finish.


String (I used Divine Twine, but black string would be better)

Large Needle

Colored paper (mine is from Staples)

Scissors, pencil, double-sided tape

Candy wrappers (I also threw in a few muffin papers for extra green)

To make the letters, I folded the paper lengthwise into three sections. This way, I knew the letters would be the same height. I drew the letters freehand and cut them out. I used double-sticky tape to attach the letters to the black paper. Next, I laid out the letters and the wrappers. Then I started from the end, and wove my needle in and out of each piece. I made sure to pull the first wrapper (which will actually be the wrapper at the end, to the furthest right) far, far down the thread so I had enough room to add everything.

That’s it! I attached it to my fireplace mantle on the little hooks that I use to hang stockings.

I’m not much of a black + orange girl, so this colorful banner makes me happy. My kids will be so proud!

This banner would also look really cute (ok, cuter actually) if it said “trick-or-treat”.

Happy Candy Day!




31 DIY Halloween Costumes

31 DIY Halloween Costumes

As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday OF-ALL-TIME!!! As a mom, I really find it hard to embrace. It’s so much work, the decorations are not that cute, and all I can think of the whole night is cavities. Of course, my kids are gaga over this one night (as they should be) so I try no to be so ho-hum.

Making costumes is one part I can really get into. I mean, look at these…they are awesome! One-Man-Band boy? That is just brilliant. And the Abercrombie model? Ok, I know we all wish we’d thought of that!

So here we go – 31 make-it-yourself costume ideas. I have links where I could find them, but most of these you could probably pull together without help because you are cleverer than you think!

Audrey Hepburn // Gnome // Octopus // Mummy // Charlie Brown // Jane Fonda’s Workout // Clark Kent // Cabbage Patch Doll // Rocket Boy // 80′s Aerobics Girl // Nacho Libre // Raining Cats + Dogs // Albert Einstein // Spaghetti + Meatballs // One Man Band // Dwight Schrute (from The Office) // Cotton Candy // Rin Tin Tin // Scientist // Scuba Diver // Russell + Carl (from the movie Up) // Bird Wings // Super Hero Girl // Tarantula // Tea Bag // Steve Jobs // Ratatouille // Waldo // Wilson (from Castaway) // Nerd Baby // Abercrombie Model

I did not make any of these costumes. I will share mine some other time.

Good luck + have fun!!