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  • 16 DIY Pretty Pumpkins without Carving

    Every year we carve our pumpkins the night before Halloween. I don’t know why we always leave it until the very last moment. I buy the pumpkins weeks before! My guess is that we wait so long because carving is no fun. I mean, picking out the pumpkins is fun. But that’s about it. All the other …

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  • 13 Halloweens

    Warning: Halloweens make me cranky. When we celebrate Halloween this Friday, it will be my 14th one since becoming a mom. Every year I moan about it. Do I really have to retrieve that box of crap in the attic with all of the witches and skeletons? Do I really have to drape spider webs …

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  • Goblin Garland {Halloween}

    Today on Art Bar Monday on Small for Big, learn how to make these funny little goblins with recycled materials from your house, and a free goblin template. We had so much fun setting up our collage table and making these little guys because they reminded us of Yoda. A garland of Yodas for Halloween …

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  • Candy Wrapper Halloween Garland

    It’s now 5 days until Halloween, and my kids are at their breaking point with me. I brought the Halloween boxes up two weeks ago but they are still sitting in the living room untouched. Until today that is! I found a ziploc bag full of candy wrappers and remembered that I had meant to …

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  • 31 of the best homemade Halloween costumes for kids

    31 DIY Halloween Costumes

    As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday OF-ALL-TIME!!! As a mom, I really find it hard to embrace. It’s so much work, the decorations are not that cute, and all I can think of the whole night is cavities. Of course, my kids are gaga over this one night (as they should be) so …

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