Gift Tags

Rubber Stamping // Gift Tags

Rubber Stamping // Gift Tags

Rubber stamping is one of my many obsessions. It all started when I was 16 and my High School art teacher taught us how to carve stamps out of erasers. I was fascinated with the patterns I could create by just repeating the stamp on paper and fabric. Thanks to Mrs. Thornton, patterns and textiles became my life’s work… I am always daydreaming about patterns, patterns, patterns.

This past year I have been creating my own rubber stamps. I eventually want to print fabric with them, but for now I’m just fooling around on paper to see what I can come up with. These gift tags were easy and so fun to make (for me, at least).

Here’s what you need:

Rubber stamps (Paper Source has some good ones)

Ink pads (by Colorbox)


Hole punch

Corner rounder

Ribbon (see sources below)

The key to a good pattern is all in the cropping. With a more organic shaped stamp, make sure to turn the stamp in different directions. It’s ok to overlap colors. With a geometric stamp you could either do a random pattern or try something more structured. When the ink is dry, use scissors or a cutting board to crop the sides. It’s amazing how the pattern comes to life after you chop off the sides. It tricks your eye into thinking it’s part of a larger pattern. So cool!

Thread ribbon from the back, then through the loop and tighten. I find my ribbon from many places: Sundance, Etsy, and wholesale at May Arts and Renaissance Ribbon.

I went a bit crazy with this project so I decided to make little packets of tags for hostess & teacher gifts. I’m glad I stocked up on glassine bags and labels!

Go ahead…try it!


Teacher Gift Tags

Teacher Gift Tags

I made these over the weekend and thought I’d try offering them as free printables! I’ve never done this before, so I hope I’m doing it right.

I bought some cardstock on Amazon that went through my printer (65 lb. weight). Then I cut them out by hand, punched a hole and put in a string. I also added a heart rubber stamp just to give it a little pizzaz, and because I love our teachers!

There are three different quotes to chose from:

A teacher takes a hand…

They may forget what you said…

A teacher is a compass…

Tip: I left enough space at the top so that you can write in a teacher’s name for a more personal touch.

Gift Tags from Paint Chips

Gift Tags from Paint Chips

It’s about that time of year: I need to start thinking about teacher gifts. Usually, I like to do a little homemade something-something. I have an inkling of what I’m going to do this year (maybe not homemade, but I’m OK with that), and I’ll top it off with these hand drawn gift tags!

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I love crafts with paint chips because they are free! Just go down to your local paint store. I glued mine to white paper, then cut them into squares. Then I took colored sharpies and sketched some flowers. I punched a hole, put in some ribbon, and sealed them in a glassine envelope with a sticker. A little time consuming, but not hard…and quite fun for me since I got to doodle!

Tip: If you don’t have the time to doodle, don’t worry…just hand the little squares to your kiddos and let them at it. The end result will be even more charming.

xo, Bar