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Gift Tags

  • Pipe Cleaner Flowers

    Mother’s Day confuses me a bit. I mean, not as a mother. But as a blogger. Am I supposed to show my kids how to make crafts that they will then give to me? It’s weird. But now that I teach art classes, presenting this craft to you as a teacher makes more sense. And …

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  • Gift tags made with custom rubber stamps

    Rubber Stamping // Gift Tags

    Rubber stamping is one of my many obsessions. It all started when I was 16 and my High School art teacher taught us how to carve stamps out of erasers. I was fascinated with the patterns I could create by just repeating the stamp on paper and fabric. Thanks to Mrs. Thornton, patterns and textiles …

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  • Printable teacher gift tags with quotes

    Teacher Gift Tags

    I made these over the weekend and thought I’d try offering them as free printables! I’ve never done this before, so I hope I’m doing it right. I bought some card stock that went through my printer (65 lb. weight). Then I cut them out by hand, punched a hole and put in a string. I …

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  • Teacher gift tags from paint chips

    Gift Tags from Paint Chips

    It’s about that time of year: I need to start thinking about teacher gifts. Usually, I like to do a little homemade something-something. I have an inkling of what I’m going to do this year (maybe not homemade, but I’m OK with that), and I’ll top it off with these hand drawn gift tags! This …

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  • Photo gift tags

    Gift Tags for Late Night Cake

    New gift tags I made for our family, and a some other families who ordered through the website.  

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