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  • Children make art using colored tape

    Washi Tape Art

    This idea comes from Rubyellen (mom to four!) of CAKIES. It’s such a simple and fun idea…all you need is tape and paper. Rubyellen’s tape is from Kid Made Modern at Target. I like the use of solid tape for this project. It lends itself better to interpreting ideas than patterned tape would, especially for smaller children. …

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  • handmade journals for kids

    Making Travel Journals + Our Trip to Disney

    Ok, I will admit that this doesn’t look quick and easy. But it is! As you may remember, I’ve confessed to being inept at time management. It was the day (eve) before our Disney trip, and I forgot to buy the kids journals. This wouldn’t be a big deal if we were at home, but …

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  • Polish pom-pom pujaki

    Pujaki: Paper Chandelier

    I’ve become a little obsessed with making a Pujaki. The word Pujaki is polish and translated it means “spiders of straw”. There is a strong folk arts & crafts tradition in Poland. In the winter, when much of the outdoor activities were suspended, Polish peasant families would spend their time preparing for on of their …

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  • Birthday banner made from leftover cards

    Recycled Postcard Banner

    My sweet neighbor, Georgy, turned 103 last week. Yep! She was born in 1909. We visited her in her house that she built with her husband in 1939. She lives alone, but is loved and taken care of by many. She still cleans her own house and takes walks up the street on nice days. …

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  • Best Flubber Recipe

    This past weekend was my son’s birthday. He turned six! We broke our own rules of 1) having birthday parties at home and 2) inviting no more than 10 guests. This year he wanted to invite all of the kids in Kindergarten (oy!), no one was to be left out. With so many invitees, we …

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  • Exploring Tube Watercolors with Kids

    This week was April break numero dos in our house. My kids go to schools in different towns so this week my little guy had his mom all to himself. We decided to explore some new watercolor paints. Here’s my recipe for watercolor painting with little ones using tube paints. There is nothing fancy, and …

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  • Pencil Eraser Stamping

    I love this idea! It’s so simple, so colorful, and so fun. Any child at any age, really, can enjoy this. Just buy some new pencils and a rainbow ink pad and that’s all you need to make some art! This idea came from a rubber stamp artist named Carloe Lie.

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  • Bianca Helger paper friends

    Paper Friends

    Illustrator Bianca Helga’s Paper Friends. I just love this idea, using recycled materials to create characters that are instantly friends! This would be a great craft to do at home with scraps, paint, crayons,glue. Anything! And what a nice way to introduce kids to the term “mixed media”. I think we’ll give this a try! xo, …

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