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  • Children collaborate to make a painting from marshmallows

    Marshmallow Painting

    These photos are from two summers ago, if you can believe it. I was going to put this project in my book, but it ended up being one of the 22 art experiences on the cutting room floor. I am SO excited to finally share it with you now! This one was really fun, for obvious reasons. There was an …

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  • Children create mixed-media collage paintings on recycled paper bags.

    Paper Bag Collage Art

    I am so very excited to introduce you to a new contributor to Art Bar. Please welcome Shannon Merenstein from Hatch Art Studio in Pittsburgh!! Shannon has the most beautiful Instagram feed where she shares truly original and open-ended art ideas for children. I have been so inspired by her this past year that I sent her …

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  • Patchwork Houses with Cardboard and Collage

    I have been saving this post for two years. Why? Because I really, really wanted to create my first ever craft kit out of this patchwork house art activity. I still am thinking about doing it, but my pace is so slow these days and I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this simple …

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  • Children make party hats from paper plates and collage material.

    Paper Plate Party Hats

    Over here, we are kind of obsessed with making party hats. It’s such a great open-ended activity that allows for artistic freedom while opening the door to imaginary play. Plus it makes them feel special. The idea for these paper plate hats came from the whimsical and playful blog Kid Play Do. If you have five extra …

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  • Kids paint and collage giant donuts cut from recycled cardboard.

    Giant Cardboard Donuts

    Oh my goodness!! It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten a post up this quickly after doing an art project with the kids, but I just couldn’t wait to share this one from art camp last week. How amazing are these donuts? I just stood back and watched them paint and collage and …

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  • Collage Animal Marionettes

    Last summer in art camp, we made marionettes! I have a big bin full of TP rolls, so I went on Pinterest in search of something to make with them. I found that several different bloggers had made marionettes from their TP rolls. The crafty Maggy at Red Ted Art has made four different marionettes if you can …

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  • Found Objects Collage

    I love these collages because they are so personal. Each child took home their painted “small things collectors” (egg cartons) and collected for a week. When they came back to art class seven days later, they had so many stories to tell! One child collected leaves and flowers from her garden with her grandmother. She …

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  • Easy Shapes Collage

    Today I am over on the wonderful kid’s learning blog Nurturestore, writing about this simple tissue paper collage idea. I am so very honored to be part of Cathy’s ABCs and 123s series which runs the whole month of March. This series will feature some of the best play and education bloggers around who will …

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  • Rolled Paper Sculptures

    My four-year old art students never cease to amaze me. Each week I spend a LOT of time thinking up projects for class. My main objectives for their art experiences are that they are: A) mostly process-oriented, and B) exciting! Because you never know with four-year olds. I’ve had my share of “this is boring” and “i don’t like …

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  • Goblin Garland {Halloween}

    Today on Art Bar Monday on Small for Big, learn how to make these funny little goblins with recycled materials from your house, and a free goblin template. We had so much fun setting up our collage table and making these little guys because they reminded us of Yoda. A garland of Yodas for Halloween …

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