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  • Open-ended drawing prompts lead children to string a tree with drawings.

    The Drawing Tree

    Lately, I have found so much inspiration from my artsy friends on Instagram. Out of all social media platforms, I love IG the most because it’s just so easy. I love curating my own photos so that they look like a magazine spread (I obsess over color schemes just a little too much according to …

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  • The children in art class experience what it's like to draw with their feet and mouths (and elbows!). This is not only a fun, action art experience, but it gives them a new appreciation and gratefulness for their hands.

    Children Draw With Their Feet and Mouths

    This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! A few months ago, on a particularly dreary and rainy Autumn day, I decided to move the table out of our art area and tape some big paper to the wall. I knew I was having a small class, so this would be a perfect …

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  • 4yr olds work together to make a big painting ~ collaborative art projects foster cooperation

    Collaborative Painting with Kids

    This project is one that I do over and over again with the 4yr olds in art class. I think all of the paintings they make could hang in a museum, but especially these large collaborative ones! It’s such a simple yet deeply fulfilling process-art experience for them. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your …

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  • Children collaborate to paint a fallen branch

    A Painted Branch // Collaborative Art with Kids

    This week for art class I tried something new. Our neighbor cut down some branches and left them on our property. They’d been there a while, actually. We kept thinking they would clean them up. As I was staring at them from the kitchen window Monday morning I thought that I should really make a …

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