Make: Wooden Block Photo Holders

Make: Wooden Block Photo Holders

I am so excited to share this idea. Do you have as much trouble finding photo holders as I do? Well, I do believe your search will now be over. These little guys were super easy to make and cost less than $2 each! They are a perfect family gift, along with these gorgeous Printstagram made photos. Click over to Small for Big for the full tutorial. And for goodness sake, if you don’t feel like making these, then at least join Instagram and order these prints for the grandparents. They will LOVE them…and so will you.

Happy Monday!

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Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

Today is a very exciting day for me! I am contributing to one of my favorite blogs, Small for Big. Mari calls her blog “A design blog without a snooty attitude” which is not only true, but also one of the reasons why I love it so much. Small for Big has a very playful attitude with just the right mix of design, DIY and shopping.

Mari was so nice to indulge me and let me post about a fun little art lesson for the kids: Circle Paintings! But before you click over to her blog to see how we made these beautiful paintings, I first wanted to show you how I framed one of them. I have always been intrigued by floating frames. Recently, I found this photo on Pinterest which set my wheels in motion. With just a few supplies, and literally a few minutes, this cool + simple frame was made.

Here’s what you will need: Frame (bigger than your art by about 1 inch on each side), wire (22 gauge or thinner), wire cutters or scissors, eye screws (12mm), mini clothespins.

(I picked up everything from my local hardware store and Jerry’s Artorama.)

Step 1: Take the glass and backing out of the frame. Turn it over to expose the back and lay it flat on the table. Center the painting inside the frame, eyeballing it (or you could use a ruler if you don’t trust your eyes). Draw a pencil mark 1cm below the top of the painting and 1cm above the bottom of the painting, (you want the wire to be just below the top and just above the bottom of the painting).

Step 2: Screw in the screws to the side of the frame (the thickest part of the wood). Just push them and turn and they will start to screw into the wood and become secure.

Step 3: Cut your wire about 2″ longer than the finished length. Thread the ends through the eye screws then twist it around and point the ends back towards the inside of the frame (so it doesn’t poke out the front where you could see it).

Voilà…you are done! I painted my clothespins, but you can leave them plain or buy them colored. Now it is time to read about how we made these beautiful circle paintings on Small for Big. And if you’re the following type, become a fan of Mari’s on Facebook or follow her on Pinterest (she has the BEST Pinterest boards, I swear) or Twitter. Her Instagrams are always so fun, too.

Happy Monday!! xo


Clothespin Photo Holder

Clothespin Photo Holder

When my 12-year old found a wooden plate in one of my craft drawers, she immediately wanted to use it for something. I’d like to think she was excited about a new project, but it’s more likely she was thrilled to have found a single something. One of anything is special…it means her brother and sister wouldn’t have one, too!

We decided to glue on some washi tape clothespins and make a photo holder for her room. Here’s how we got it done:


1 wooden craft plate (ours was 10″) ~ I bought it at Michael’s, but you can also find it here

10 clothespins (more or less)

washi tape (I like to buy mine on Etsy)

wood glue

watercolor paints


stencils (4″)

neon tempera paint (for the stencil letter)

fairy glitter (clear)

First, she used watercolors to paint some stripes. On unfinished wood, watercolor acts as a stain and it dries in a minute. Then she got out a “G” stencil for her first name. Next she used a paintbrush to fill in the stencil. She removed the paper stencil and sprinkled some glitter on the letter while it was still wet. I helped her attach the clothespins with glue and weighed it down to dry (overnight) with a plate. I wasn’t sure how to attach the plate to the wall, but I didn’t need to worry because my daughter took care of it. She stuck it next to her bed with sticky velcro! Yes, she did. I guess that it’s there for life.

This would be a fun project to do at a birthday party! The clothespins can be stained with watercolor, too, instead of washi tape. Perfect for ages 8 and up.

The awesome instagram photos were printed by printstagram. I love them!! Gorgeous, thick matte paper.

Have fun!!

xo, Bar