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  • Gift Guide // Top 10 Basic Art Supplies

    I teach art to small children in my house. Every week I set up new art experiences and carefully pick out my materials. I often get asked by moms which materials they should buy to create their own art area at home. This question always gets me excited for two reasons: 1) Maybe I’ve influenced …

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  • How to pack an efficient and small art bag for travel with kids

    Travel Art Bag

    We’re back from our February vacation! It was beautiful in the Dominican Republic and we feel so fortunate that we were invited to share a very memorable family vacation with grandparents. Despite several trips to the infirmary for various problems (which I will not elaborate on because I am pretending none of that happened), we …

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  • Some great art supplies for kids

    Ideal Art Supply Cupboard

    It’s official…summer is here! Time for lots of arts and crafts. If you are like me, you want to keep the crafts simple. But what are the best art supplies to keep at hand in your cupboard? Believe me when I tell you that you need very few. Often we just use the same three: …

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