Scrap Paper Collage

little ones can do

This was move-out week! We rent our house out in the summer and spend weeks cleaning out closets, sprucing up rooms, and leaving behind empty shelves that are clean and ready for a new family. Since school is out for my little guy, he had to fend for himself for many hours each day (without making a mess!).

There was a pile of scrap paper in the art room, left over from a banner we’d made. While I was upstairs scrubbing stickers off my daughter’s wall, my son was busy creating! I was able to catch the tail end of his project on camera, before he raced off to score a goal (he was Clint Dempsey that day, kicking the winning goal for Fulham).

I asked him where he had learned to do such a cool, 3-D collage. “Margot taught me, of course,” he said. Margot, his beloved art teacher at school, is my new hero.

When you teach kids to make with what they have, you give them a gift. Necessity is the mother of invention!

little ones can do

little ones can do

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Supplies needed:

~ colored paper

~ glue stick

How to:

All you need is scraps and a glue stick, and a whole piece of paper to glue it on to (cardboard would be best). Cut or rip the scraps. Twist them, fold them, pleat them. Glue them down, and make sure to make a “bridge”. This is when you take one long scrap and glue it across other pieces. Voila! Simple.

Hope you try!

xo, Bar