Pony Bead Napkin Rings

easy craft for kids

This is a craft we have been making versions of for years. There is nothing super original about pony beads and pipe cleaners, but I still love the way these turned out! Everyone had fun making them, from little people to big kids (plus a grown-up or two). Threading pipe cleaners with beads is a super good small motor skill, plus the kids can work on their patterning and spelling their name. So many reasons to get out the beads!

Here’s what you’ll need:

~ Pony beads

~ Pipe cleaners

~ Alphabet beads

This craft is quite easy. Just twist a bead at the end of the pipe cleaner before you start beading. I encouraged the kids to lay out their beads first, deciding on color patterns and placing their name in the middle. But everyone quickly found their own style. When you get to the end, leave about 3/4 of an inch of pipe cleaner to twist down and around the last bead to secure.

I can’t wait to set the table for Thanksgiving with these! I love incorporating things the kids have made when planning the table. (They would also make great gifts for family far away.) I love the one my 13-yr old made for me…she added the words creative and caring around the sides. I didn’t notice this right away, which made it all the more heartwarming. I love that girl!

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