My Punny Valentine

The best 8 Valentine puns for your homemade cards

Everyone loves a good pun. Valentines day cards are a great time to pull out those puns, especially when you want to just be funny and not lovey-dovey (I’m thinking 9yr-old boy here).

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for you. Some are printables, but some are just ideas that you can run with.

Let’s take a look…

The best 8 Valentine puns for your homemade cards

1. Will Zoo Be Mine (from The Blue Robin Cottage) ~ These were made craftily by a mom with some leftover cardboard, some rubber stamps, a little felt heart, and some zoo animals. SO CUTE!!

2. Thumb-body Loves You! (from The Cooke Family) ~ ThisΒ is a printable that you just add your child’s thumb print to. Super easy and so sweet!

The best 8 Valentine puns for your homemade cards

3. Yoda Best Valentine (from Design. Wash. Rinse. Repeat) ~ This super trendy Star Wars themed card is a printable, you just have to buy some glow sticks. I mean…c’mon! No way this isn’t the cutest card ever. And great for boys.

4. I Think You Might Be the One (from My Cardboard Life) ~ This is more of a concept card since I couldn’t find the original link on her site – but the site is really cute so check it out. This card could easily be made with a little hand drawing. And someone will be very happy with a buck!

The best 8 Valentine puns for your homemade cards

5. I Chews You (from All For the Boys) ~ Check out this cute little clothespin tutorial. I love the munching heart! And you could useΒ any piece of candy or food with it (or maybe even make a little Chewbacca if you want to stick with the Star Wars theme).

6. For Crayon Out Loud (from Molly Moo) ~ Learn how to make homemade crayons and make the adorable bag to go with it. There is a printable for part of it. We’ve made these crayons and they are SO FUN!

The best 8 Valentine puns for your homemade cards

7. I’m Stuck on You (from Helo Birdie) ~ This is a card from an Etsy shop. The card is no longer available but I wanted to include it here because it could easily be replicated in so many ways. You could use the saying with a pack of gum (like here), or with a glue stick (like here), or with a bandaid (like here). I really do love this drawing with the little smiling wad of gum under the chair πŸ™‚

8. You’ve Stolen a Pizza My Heart (from Substellar Studio) ~ This is also from an Etsy shop (and still available), but could also easily be drawn by your child, or by you. The slice can be just a triangle shape of cardboard, then painted red and topped with some collage bits that look like toppings (kind of like my son did when he made this Halloween costume). Lots of room for interpretation!

Hope these ideas will spark something for you!

Have a great week!

xo Bar